Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ever want to expose yourself to the world? No, I don't think that going down to the park to play with little children is a good thing. This is about is taking up the pen to write.

Even experienced writers cope with anxiety. Their mouth may go dry, sweat might break out on their forehead, and anything else associated with anxiety may happen. For me, I just go to sleep. Simply approaching my computer is like a sleep magnet.

The things people put in blogs have long-term effects. Hundreds of thousands of people (I hope) are going to look at the way that blogger thinks. Granted, the readers view will conflict with the author’s, but isn't that a good thing? Being able to stand for something adds spice to the world.

Standing strong also adds additional stress for someone who's not used to controversy. "What if the rest of the world disagrees?" they might say. It sounds easy to say, "So, this is my life and my opinion is best. Yours doesn't count." Yet for some, sharing their opinion is like walking on hot coals.

So, why exhibit yourself? Life is much easier when you're doing something for recreation. It’s fun, but when you start to look at sharing yourself with the rest of the world, that hobby takes on a different meaning. What we write reveals our brain and our heart. But to write gives your voice to the remaking of the world. To be silent shows that one does not care.

The advice experts give about anxiety is that the only way to overcome it, is by doing what makes one nervous. The concept of exposing yourself to the world has merit. Everyone’s opinion counts. Add spice by showing your view to all.

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