Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's Gonna Getcha!

Can you feel it in the air?

It's been happening for a few days now. Even with my headache, it's close by.

I think they call it happiness. Yes, that's what it is.

Yesterday I was able to break out of my funk and write a chapter in my book. I cannot tell you how happy I am. *sigh*

25,000 words. I'm half way there.

Opp, I've gotta run...I feel a creative thought heading my way.

Happy writing everyone!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Unbelievable. It was my name. Linda Garner. My name was hanging from the ceiling on a placard, right next to Brandilyn’s. Brandilyn Speth. Could it be real? I had been waiting for this day. Now it was here. I was in the BYU Bookstore, standing under physical evidence that my book was a reality. Some Secrets Hurt was on the shelves waiting to be placed in the hands of those who need it most. Children. Parents. Families.

I wasn’t the tinyest bit nervous, but I was a little awe-struck. I couldn’t wait to start talking to people about my important book. I want my book to make a difference. I want it in every home. I arrived early to set up what I hoped was an eye-catching display and to strategically place my cinnamon bears…and my chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Can it get better than that?

I talked to other authors at the book signing earlier. “Brutal,” they said. “People are in a rush. They don’t stop to talk…or look.” I was prepared for the worst. “Still, it’s good exposure,” they said. The moment of truth arrived. We didn’t just sit at our table and wait. We mingled. We handed out cards. People were in a rush, but they did stop to talk, and they loved our book. They loved our book. I think the bookstore was surprised when we nearly sold out. Only two copies were left after the book signing. Only one copy was left at the end of the week.

Word of mouth. That’s our advertising for now. Shadow Mountain is holding off for the official release date. Then they’ll uncork all their magic. For now, though, we’re depending on you to spread the word. Please tell all your friends about this special and important book. You can get it today at any Seagull Book or Deseret Book Store. You can get it online at,, or You just might be able to get it at BYU Bookstore, if you hurry.

And, drumroll please.... please visit our brand new website . It is beautiful and has lots of helpful information. Brandilyn and I will both blog on the new site. We will blog about the fight against sexual abuse. Won’t you join us in that fight. We hope you will. Keeping kids safe is everyone’s job.

Linda Garner

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Book Signings and Chocolate Bars

Yesterday, L.T. and I had the great opportunity to go to Linda and Brandilyn’s first book signing at BYU education week. It was Awesome! ( I would have posted pictures, but then I realized all the pictures I had taken were not on my camera. When I get them, I’ll try to post them.)

We parked our car and pushed through the crowd of people to get to the book signing tables.

There in the middle of authors sat Linda (Brandilyn was passing out cards – which were almost all gone). The books were gone too, they had to have some more brought out to the table (Whoop! *cry of excitement*)

L.T. and I screamed like the groupie fans we are, got our books signed, and waved good-bye as more people lined up for the signing. (We were actually pushed out of the way by a mob of other groupie fans. Rude.)

We snuck around the corner where they had a whole corner dedicated to candy…a whole corner! Had I died and gone to heaven? I told L.T. “No, I don’t need any delicious candy made from the hands of angels on earth. Nope. I’m good.” But L.T. being the wise woman she is, bought us both caramel covered in thick chocolate. (Oh look, I did have a picture of the delicious chocolate bar. Hum…that’s funny.)

I ATE THE WHOLE THING IN ONE SETTING! I giggled like a crazed mad scientist, it was so good.

We left feeling exhilarated and a little lost because we couldn’t tell where we parked the car (but the really cool girl from guest services let us ride in the education week’s van, where she dropped us off by our car. Thanks guest service girl).

As we drove away I turned to L.T. and said, “That was so awesome. Are you going to come to my book signing when I get my book published?” She said yes. I’m holding her to it.

Congratulations Linda and Brandilyn! What a great way to start the beginning for your fantastic book! Here is the web site for their book (just click on the little underlined line). What a great day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cinnamon Bears or Chocolate

I am away from my computer, having a wonderful time at BYU Education Week. Be sure to come see me tomorrow. I will be signing Some Secrets Hurt in the BYU Bookstore tomorrow from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. I can't wait to see you. And just for fun we'll have some treats on the table. I'm thinking cinnamon bears because BYU bookstore has some really yummy cinnamon bears, but on the other hand, it's hard to beat chocolate. Cinnamon bears? Chocolate? It's a hard choice. I guess we'll surprise you.

You'll definitely want your own copy of Some Secrets Hurt, but you may want to buy some as gifts. I know a woman who is giving them as gifts at baby showers, and a grandma who is buying them as gifts for her grandkids. Another lady I know is giving them as birthday gifts for nieces and nephews. What about a back to school gift for someone you love?

Come see Brandilyn and I and be sure to bring your friends. Think cinnamon bears.

C U soon.

Linda Garner

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hoot, Hoot...chugga chugga - chugga chugga... Hoot, Hoot

That my friends is my new song of the day!

Why? Because finals are over! Now back to the important things of life...

Oh, and I got to see an awesome movie.

Well, kind of awesome.

You can read about it HERE if you click on the HERE letters that are red...or blue...or purple, I can't tell yet, but anyway, they're underlined. HERE.

I need some sleep. Studying all night makes me a little loopy. Now back to the writing! Whish-crack (That would be the sound of the whip I’m using to get me back to my book… woo hoo, can’t wait

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

R U Coming? I hope to C U there.

R U going to BYU Ed Week? I love BYU Ed Week. I have been going for years. It gives me a big boost. Friend-Husband and I take the tent trailer and camp out in the Fieldhouse parking lot. We buy showers at the rec center across the street. We stock our little fridge with portable meals and pack a tote bag with notebooks, pencils, snacks, and our indispensable class schedule. Good walking shoes are a must.

There are hundreds of classes on a variety of topics. The presenters are the very best. After spending a few hours in their classes, we feel like we know them personally. The classes are awesome and we meet the greatest people. We are a bit insane about the classes. We run from class to class until we literally drop, sometimes nibbling our lunches on the run. Sometimes we stop to nap on the grass beneath a friendly tree.

Friend-Husband and I love spending this time together. We get new ideas and lots of time to talk things over and make plans. We breakfast on the “veranda” and plan our schedule for the day. We share thoughts about our day over a late night supper in the twilight. It’s more than a nice vacation. It’s a chance to fill our buckets. We highly recommend it.

This year at Education Week, I get something new. I get my very first book signing. Even though our official book release is almost a month away, Brandilyn and I have been invited to participate in the BYU Ed Week book signing. We are so excited. We would love to meet you and sign Some Secrets Hurt for you. Please come see us. Tell all your friends.

We will be signing books in the BYU Bookstore on Wednesday, August 19th (one week from tomorrow) from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. We will be right after Gerald Lund. (Yes! Can you believe it, right after Gerald Lund.) Gerald finishes at 1:00 and we start at 1:30. Come visit Gerald just before 1:00. After he signs your brand new copy of The Undaunted, hang out in the bookstore for a bit. You’ll have just enough time to grab a fabulous mint chocolate brownie, a bag of those nummy cinnamon bears, and Some Secrets Hurt. By the time you circle back to the signing table, Brandilyn and I will be waiting for you.

C U there.


Linda Garner

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Late Night Funeral Chicken Dances

I spent my afternoon yesterday, attending a funeral of my good friend's father. He was a good man. He loved his family and spent time with them, and they in turn, loved him.

When ever I came over to the house, he never yelled at us when we got in trouble. He always had kind words of advice. His wife was much the same.

At the end of the funeral, the bishop asked us to take a good look at our lives and reevaluate them. Were we doing what we should be with our lives?

I couldn't help think of writing. Writing is something that is done alone, sometimes in the middle of the night (when it's quiet- and the kids aren't doing that weird chicken dance), and always up for ridicule (well, only if you want a really good piece of work). But very rewarding. It inspires others to do good, face fears, and conquer evil.

Is writing a worthwhile thing? I think so. I love writing funny things, even if I'm the only one laughing at it - although, I look kind of funny when I'm hysterically laughing by myself (please don't ask the mail guy about it, I think I frightened him once with my mwa ha has, why do I keep doing that?).

So as I reevaluate my time, my life, my choices, I'm happy with what I have and hope to become a better person as I do so. I only ask for one thing. More late night writing time when the kids aren't dancing and I'm not dozing off.

Is that too much to ask for? If it is, I'd be happy to settle for chicken dances, late nights, and no dozing. And maybe a gigantic large cookie... Sprinkled with those big bits of sugar...Or covered in pink frosting...Now I'm really hungry...must find cookie...Maybe if I check the fridge...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Top of the World

Have you ever been on top of the world? I’m not sure where the top of the world is, but Friend Husband and I have found a spot that must be close.

We had heard of a spot in the Oquirrh Mountains with a spectacular view; a spot where you could see four temples at one time. No one told us how to get there, so we just started looking. By googling Oquirrh Mountains, Friend Husband found a spot that sounded interesting, and we were off.

An hour from our home we found the most glorious view that you can imagine. At an elevation of 9,200 feet we had a sense that we could touch the clouds. At our feet was the Bingham Copper Mine. It was a giant crater, bigger than I had imagined. We were so high, and the crater was so deep that it seemed we were looking into a dollhouse version of a working mine. Miniature trucks moved slowly along toy roads. Tiny buildings were scattered on the rim.

The Salt Lake Valley spread before us in a huge panorama, bordered by mountains on every side. The view was dazzling and gave us a sense of our own nothingness by comparison. We could see the edge of Utah Lake and a Y painted mountain on the South. To the far north we saw a group of lights which we imagined might be Lagoon. Behind us lay Toole and Grantsville, another amazing view. With binoculars we could see the capitol building and a group of tall buildings at the heart of Salt Lake City. We could never have guessed that Salt Lake City would look so small in the middle of this sea of civilization.

Could we really see four temples we wondered. The Jordan River Temple was easy to spot. The Oquirrh Hills was more difficult because it was smaller and darker in color. With binoculars we were able to locate the Draper Temple nestled in the hills across the valley. Was the fourth temple the Timpanogas or the Salt Lake? We could certainly pinpoint the location of the Salt Lake Temple, but could we see it? With binoculars we could see what we thought was the East spire peeking out between buildings. Next we located what we thought was the Timpanogas Temple. That made five temples. We were elated.

I was puzzled by the shape of the Timpanogas Temple, because it looked more like the Provo Temple. Could it be? It was near Utah Lake and close to that Y on the mountain. Yes! It was the Provo Temple. Soon we had located the Timpanogas Temple midway between Draper and Provo. Six Temples. We had found not four temples, but six temples. Unbelievable.

We liked this place so much that we returned three days later at dusk so that we could see the valley at night. Spectacular. Dazzling. Breathtaking. A sea of lights lay before us. We now saw the same six temples glistening in the night, standing out against a background of many tiny lights. To our great surprise, at night we were able to locate a seventh temple. Quite by accident we found the Bountiful Temple shining through the darkness at the north end of the valley. Seven temples. Amazing.

We wanted to share this experience with friends and last evening we took two other couples up the mountain. They were excited. We told them about the spectacular view, but didn’t mention much about the steep, narrow, winding mountain road. Friend Husband is an awesome driver, but that didn’t keep the other ladies from closing their eyes and hanging on for dear life. The men acted brave, but who knows what was going on inside their heads. Maybe their hearts were racing, too.

We made it up the mountain safely, but once there, getting down was the biggest thing on some folks’ minds. We had planned to sit and visit, share a story or two, and even sing some songs. We had camp chairs, and one friend brought a guitar. Doesn’t that sound fun? To sit on top of the world and sing and chat, bathed in moonlight, against a backdrop of twinkling city lights.

Alas, I’ll have to save that dream for another day, with braver companions. We enjoyed the view for a short time and retreated to the safety of city streets and city drivers; a different kind of adventure. I must be braver than I thought.

Our transmission was acting funny on this trip, so it may be a while before I return to the top of the world. Oh how I’d love to watch the sunrise from there. It’s hard to imagine anything more glorious. Would you care to come along with us to the top of the world? Do your dare?

Linda Garner

The top of the world is in Butterfield Canyon and you can find directions on the internet. Maybe I’ll see you there.