Thursday, August 20, 2009

Book Signings and Chocolate Bars

Yesterday, L.T. and I had the great opportunity to go to Linda and Brandilyn’s first book signing at BYU education week. It was Awesome! ( I would have posted pictures, but then I realized all the pictures I had taken were not on my camera. When I get them, I’ll try to post them.)

We parked our car and pushed through the crowd of people to get to the book signing tables.

There in the middle of authors sat Linda (Brandilyn was passing out cards – which were almost all gone). The books were gone too, they had to have some more brought out to the table (Whoop! *cry of excitement*)

L.T. and I screamed like the groupie fans we are, got our books signed, and waved good-bye as more people lined up for the signing. (We were actually pushed out of the way by a mob of other groupie fans. Rude.)

We snuck around the corner where they had a whole corner dedicated to candy…a whole corner! Had I died and gone to heaven? I told L.T. “No, I don’t need any delicious candy made from the hands of angels on earth. Nope. I’m good.” But L.T. being the wise woman she is, bought us both caramel covered in thick chocolate. (Oh look, I did have a picture of the delicious chocolate bar. Hum…that’s funny.)

I ATE THE WHOLE THING IN ONE SETTING! I giggled like a crazed mad scientist, it was so good.

We left feeling exhilarated and a little lost because we couldn’t tell where we parked the car (but the really cool girl from guest services let us ride in the education week’s van, where she dropped us off by our car. Thanks guest service girl).

As we drove away I turned to L.T. and said, “That was so awesome. Are you going to come to my book signing when I get my book published?” She said yes. I’m holding her to it.

Congratulations Linda and Brandilyn! What a great way to start the beginning for your fantastic book! Here is the web site for their book (just click on the little underlined line). What a great day!


Amber Lynae said...

I miss the BYU Bookstore. I wish I was there with you to enjoy Linda's book signing. And I wish I was there to enjoy the chocolate. I want some yummy chocolate. Butterfingers seems so cheap compared to the yumminess in your photo.

L.T. Elliot said...

Sorry about the pics. I'll email them to you right now!

It was a pretty cool day. I'm very, very excited for Linda and Brandilyn and so thrilled at how busy they were! Way to go, girls!

And you know I'll be there at your signing! You couldn't keep me away!

Nichole Giles said...

He he. You're so cute. Sounds like you had lots of fun at the signing. And the chocolate looks divine. Yum.

When you have a book signing, make sure to let me know--I'll be there.


Carolyn V. said...

Amber, even butterfingers sound good to me right now. *hanging my head in shame*(I'm trying to cut down on the chocolate.)

L.T. I had a GREAT time with you! Got the pics, I'll have to post them. I'm holding you to that promise. mwa ha ha.

Woo hoo Nichole! I'll totally let you know! =) You have to let me know when your book gets out there too! I'd love to come to your signing.=)