Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Unbelievable. It was my name. Linda Garner. My name was hanging from the ceiling on a placard, right next to Brandilyn’s. Brandilyn Speth. Could it be real? I had been waiting for this day. Now it was here. I was in the BYU Bookstore, standing under physical evidence that my book was a reality. Some Secrets Hurt was on the shelves waiting to be placed in the hands of those who need it most. Children. Parents. Families.

I wasn’t the tinyest bit nervous, but I was a little awe-struck. I couldn’t wait to start talking to people about my important book. I want my book to make a difference. I want it in every home. I arrived early to set up what I hoped was an eye-catching display and to strategically place my cinnamon bears…and my chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Can it get better than that?

I talked to other authors at the book signing earlier. “Brutal,” they said. “People are in a rush. They don’t stop to talk…or look.” I was prepared for the worst. “Still, it’s good exposure,” they said. The moment of truth arrived. We didn’t just sit at our table and wait. We mingled. We handed out cards. People were in a rush, but they did stop to talk, and they loved our book. They loved our book. I think the bookstore was surprised when we nearly sold out. Only two copies were left after the book signing. Only one copy was left at the end of the week.

Word of mouth. That’s our advertising for now. Shadow Mountain is holding off for the official release date. Then they’ll uncork all their magic. For now, though, we’re depending on you to spread the word. Please tell all your friends about this special and important book. You can get it today at any Seagull Book or Deseret Book Store. You can get it online at DeseretBook.com, Amazon.com, or BarnesandNoble.com. You just might be able to get it at BYU Bookstore, if you hurry.

And, drumroll please.... please visit our brand new website http://www.somesecretshurt.com/ . It is beautiful and has lots of helpful information. Brandilyn and I will both blog on the new site. We will blog about the fight against sexual abuse. Won’t you join us in that fight. We hope you will. Keeping kids safe is everyone’s job.

Linda Garner


megan said...

Linda, hey! It's your niece, megan. I found your blog by a google search :-)

I just wanted to say CONGRATS on such an amazing book!! I am deeply connected to protecting children and am thankful that a book like this has been placed on store shelves, where they will then make their way into people's homes. So many parents just don't know how or when to start talking about such things to their children and so many things go unsaid. This will change that! What a difference it will make!

I also wanted to let you know that I posted about it on my blog and am sending an email to my Social Work professors at BYU-I, in hopes of spreading the word.

Congrats again to you!

megan said...

oh yeah, and I bought the book and the Deseret Book in st george...so proud of you!

L.T. Elliot said...

You should totally put up the pics of your sign that I sent you! Because it was pretty rockin' cool.

I'm so excited for you guys! I was astounded (but not really surprised) at how fast your book sold out and how many people were there! I could barely get a second to talk to you two, let alone grab my own copy before it sold out!

Congrats and congrats again! I'm so proud of you both!

Carolyn V. said...

Ditto what L.T. said! I was awesome!