Tuesday, August 11, 2009

R U Coming? I hope to C U there.

R U going to BYU Ed Week? I love BYU Ed Week. I have been going for years. It gives me a big boost. Friend-Husband and I take the tent trailer and camp out in the Fieldhouse parking lot. We buy showers at the rec center across the street. We stock our little fridge with portable meals and pack a tote bag with notebooks, pencils, snacks, and our indispensable class schedule. Good walking shoes are a must.

There are hundreds of classes on a variety of topics. The presenters are the very best. After spending a few hours in their classes, we feel like we know them personally. The classes are awesome and we meet the greatest people. We are a bit insane about the classes. We run from class to class until we literally drop, sometimes nibbling our lunches on the run. Sometimes we stop to nap on the grass beneath a friendly tree.

Friend-Husband and I love spending this time together. We get new ideas and lots of time to talk things over and make plans. We breakfast on the “veranda” and plan our schedule for the day. We share thoughts about our day over a late night supper in the twilight. It’s more than a nice vacation. It’s a chance to fill our buckets. We highly recommend it.

This year at Education Week, I get something new. I get my very first book signing. Even though our official book release is almost a month away, Brandilyn and I have been invited to participate in the BYU Ed Week book signing. We are so excited. We would love to meet you and sign Some Secrets Hurt for you. Please come see us. Tell all your friends.

We will be signing books in the BYU Bookstore on Wednesday, August 19th (one week from tomorrow) from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. We will be right after Gerald Lund. (Yes! Can you believe it, right after Gerald Lund.) Gerald finishes at 1:00 and we start at 1:30. Come visit Gerald just before 1:00. After he signs your brand new copy of The Undaunted, hang out in the bookstore for a bit. You’ll have just enough time to grab a fabulous mint chocolate brownie, a bag of those nummy cinnamon bears, and Some Secrets Hurt. By the time you circle back to the signing table, Brandilyn and I will be waiting for you.

C U there.


Linda Garner


L.T. Elliot said...

I'll do my very best to be there! Congratulations and have the best time next week!

Carolyn V. said...

Did you say mint brownies?! I'll be there! =) Love ya Linda, Congrats.