Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You CAN make a difference

Everyone wants to make a difference. When we hear about children who have been abused our hearts ache. “How did it happen?” we wonder. When it ends in tragedy we feel deep sorrow, and regret. Could something have been done? Can we do something to prevent child abuse? Can we make a difference?

Because I believe that we can stop this madness, I am involved in child abuse prevention. I invite you to join us in that effort. You can start by participating in the No More Secrets walk/run. You can sign up today. You can help us spread the word. You can encourage your friends and family to sign up.

Our contest for a $25.00 Barnes and Noble Gift Card is still open. You have until Friday at midnight to block, twitter, or facebook about the walk. Each of those earns you one chance to win. Respond to this post to tell me how many chances you have earned. I’ll throw in an extra chance to anyone who does a mass email about the walk. Send it out to everyone in your address book. If you get us a spot on the radio or in a newspaper, I’ll give you three chances to win.

I could use your help lining up entertainment. Some of the folks we expected to come through for entertainment haven't, and so I am scrambling to fill some time slots. After the walk we will have free food and entertainment, along with drawings for cool stuff. This is a family friendly walk, so we want family friendly stuff. Do you know any performers who would enjoy the chance to make a difference?

We also need sponsors of every kind. If you know of a business or an individual who would like to donate food, prizes for drawings, or money, let me know. Everyone who donates will get their name on our website and be recognized on the day of the walk. Anyone who donates $100 will also have their name on the back of the t-shirt. Good advertising. Sponsors for the t-shirts need to be in this week, so that we have time to print the shirts.

Do you have a service or a product that you could donate for our drawings? Do you have a business who could use this kind of advertising?

I would love for you to come participate in the walk on April 17. It's just $5.00 if you pre-register. At the walk it will be $10.00. You can pre-register any time before April 17. If you register by Friday, you get a free t-shirt. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Why not walk with us to prevent child abuse? Register at ahealingplacemonument.org.

Oh and by the way, did I mention…We’re gonna have a good time! Come join us. We’re gonna make a difference, and we're gonna have fun!

Our goal is No More Secrets, because Some Secrets Hurt.

Linda Garner

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Important Reminder

“Loss is nothing else but change, and change is Nature's delight.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

So here is an important reminder.

When you are going in to fix something on your blog post, or your wip - remember to back it up. Or you might accidental erase everything and realize that you didn't make a copy of it to re-post it (on your blog or otherwise). GGGRRRRRR.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book Review: Women of the Book of Mormon... plus contest update!

When I first heard about Heather Moore’s Women of the Book of Mormon, I wondered if it was a one page book. If you’ve read the Book of Mormon, you know what I mean. There aren’t many women mentioned in the Book of Mormon, and there isn’t a lot of detail about any of them. I was pleasantly surprised.

Heather Moore has managed to gather threads of truth about some amazing women, and I found her book difficult to put down. The book is subtitled insights and inspirations with good reason, for I found Heather’s thoughts very insightful and inspirational. I have always loved being a woman. Getting to know these valiant woman gives me another reason to rejoice in my feminine nature.

Women of the Book of Mormon honors women like Sariah, Abish, Sister Lamoni, Sister Mormon, and the mothers of the Stripling Warriors. We also hear about Eve, Mary, and Sarah, biblical women who are mentioned in the Book of Mormon. After reading about these valiant women, I feel closer to them. I feel honored to share their traditions and their beliefs as righteous women of God.

Only six women in the book of Mormon are mentioned by name. Sariah, wife of Lehi; Eve, wife of Adam; Mary, mother of Jesus; Sarah, wife of Abraham; Abish, servant of King Lamoni, and Isabel, the harlot who was Corianton's downfall. I have often wondered why so little was said about women in the scriptures. Heather tells us that their story is related in words like bear children, toil, spin, work, chastity, great faith, forsaken, afflictions, taught, tears, prayer, broken hearts, love, sacred support, and blessed.

“Love is the connection that can bring us closer to these women,” says Heather. “By understanding their lives, their losses, and their triumphs, we begin to understand them.”

Whether you are a serious student of the Book of Mormon or a casual reader, I invite you to get to know your other sisters: the women whose stories lie within the sacred pages of the Book of Mormon. As I read Heather's book, I gained new insight and a new love for sisters whose lives were different from mine. I found that there is much we share.

Linda Garner

Contest Update. Only 3 people have entered the contest to win a $25.00 gift card to Barnes and Noble. You have until April 1 to blog, tweet, or facebook about the No More Secrets Walk/Run. Each earns you one chance to win. Tell all your friends. Do it today! You can enter HERE. Register for the Walk at ahealingplacemonumnet.org.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Please Pardon....

Please pardon my repost this week. I am in the middle of studying for a Stats exam and finishing some written work that has a deadline (the 30th...ahhh!). This is one of my older posts, when we started the blog (with a few added comments). Hope you enjoy. Have a great week everyone!


There is something to be said for persistence.

This wasn’t the first time I took up the pen and paper. When I was in high school, I tried my hand at teen romance. It was pretty good, I thought. I took it to a co-worker who read the first page and then returned it, saying it was, (and I quote) “Okay.” That book found the bottom of my trash bin in a hurry.

As an adult, I thought I would try my hand at children’s books. I wrote two of them. Putting so much of my heart and soul into them, I didn’t dare share my stories with anyone for fear of the rejection I would get. I hid them away beside my bed, only to find a few of the pages in the garbage after an afternoon of cleaning.

Years later, the writing bug bit once again. This time I tired to push the urge away and bury it deep down within the soul of my unfinished projects. The urge continued. I wrote my first novel in years, a fantasy about a girl who learns of a secret power she holds within her. It was totally cool. At least I thought it was. (I still find it kind of fun to read, but short. Very short.)

My second book was about a girl dating the wrong guy. This won me my first real rejection letter. I hung it up in the hallway with pride.

After taking writing courses and attending several writers’ conferences, I have learned many-a-thing. First, you have to learn your craft. Second, you need to read, read, read, read, and read. Third, you can’t give up. Someday, somewhere, somebody will be interested in what you have on paper. If it is a well written piece, it will find a home. The only thing that will make you better and get you published is persistence.

If writing is something in your blood, something you love, don’t give up. There were so many times I could have given up... there were so many times I did give up, but writing keeps coming back to me.

It has opened a new world to me, given me new bonds with great people, and a passion for a craft that is so widely felt. I am finally going to have a published piece (two since this post - Hooray!), and yes, I am giddy with joy (I still am, silly me).

Persistence will get you published. If you have to deal with a few thousand rejection letters, just remember….rejection is a great excuse for chocolate cake and a pint of that really good ice cream!

Keep on keeping on

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Contest!!! Win a gift card to Barnes and Noble

Please help us spread the word about our No More Secrets Walk. If you mention our walk and link to the No More Secrets post and ahealingplacemonument.org you will be entered in a drawing to win a $25.00 gift card to Barnes and Noble. Cool, huh?

You can do the magic on your personal blog, twitter, or facebook. If you do all three, you get three chances to win. Reply to this post, telling me how many chances you have earned. Be sure to say we are walking to prevent child abuse. The deadline is April 1. Go bloggers!

The walk is a 5k. It takes 3 loops to make 5k, so if you want to do only one or two loops, you can.

If you missed the No More Secrets post, It's right here. Just scroll down.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No More Secrets

I’m excited to tell you about the No More Secrets Walk being held on April 17 in Sugar House Park. We are walking to prevent child abuse. This is a family friendly walk/run. Please come join us. Tell all your friends.

The walk starts at 11:00 a.m, with check-in and registration beginning at 10:30. Both runners and walkers are welcome. Families and individuals are welcome. Strollers are welcome. After the walk we will have free food, entertainment, and drawings throughout the afternoon, until 3:00, when we will clean up and go home.

At the walk we will also introduce plans for A Healing Place, a monument to healing in remembrance of abused children. We hope to build this beautiful monument in Salt Lake City. To find out more, or to register for the walk go to ahealingplacemonument.org. It costs just $5.00 to participate in the walk and if you register before April 2, you get a free t-shirt.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. Keeping kids safe is everyone’s job.

No More Secrets. Register today.

Linda Garner


Hey bloggers,
Help us spread the word. Check back tomorrow for contest details. You could win something good. LG

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Word of Warning!

I mentioned a few months ago about my thesaurus, which I love. The thesaurus is a magical book full of all kinds of long words that make one sound…super intelligent.

But buyer beware. There is a nasty trap that I have seen many a writer fall into. Alas, even I have fallen into that hole a time or two – and the fall hurts my friend.

When you click on the faithful thesaurus button, make sure the super intelligent word actually means what you intended it to mean.

Take for instance:

Her skirt, even though frilly and cute, had torn at the hem.


Her sarong, even though ornamented and delectable, had splintered at the turn-up.

Okay for one thing a sarong sounds just…uncomfortable. I don’t know, I haven’t worn one. How can a sarong be both ornamented and delectable? Doesn’t that mean you’re eating it? I hope it is delicious either way. What in the universe is a turn-up? No, not turnip - turn-up. And why is it splintering? Strange, indeed.

So love your thesaurus, but watch out! It might trick you and laugh at you behind your back. Idiotic utterance inventory. Opps, what I meant was, silly thesaurus.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When Did I Become a Control Freak?

I was walking with Friend-Husband last night and we were discussing the merits of a new mailbox. Friend-Husband favors moving the mailbox to a new location. I wasn’t so keen on the idea of moving it and voiced my thoughts.

“You never like my ideas,” said Friend-Husband.

I thought he was kidding, and I kidded back. Then I got serious. “Is that really what you think? That I don’t like your ideas?” I asked.

Friend-Husband hesitated before plunging into this discussion. “You always bring up the “but”. "But if we…" "But that would…" "But what about…" You always have a reason why my idea won’t work.”

I was stunned. Was this “me” he was talking about? When did I become a control freak? Do I think I am smarter than he is? Do I think I am smarter than anybody?

I quickly apologized and made a mental note to watch that. It’s a nasty habit of mine to always want the last word, and to expect everyone to do things my way.

Somewhere along the way, I got the idea that I was in charge of everything it the whole world. It’s a lot of work. Really. I think I’ll let Friend-Husband be in charge for a while. It would free up a lot of my time. Even if my ideas are the best (oops, I did it again), I need to back off and play nice.

Friend-Husband is awesome. He would do anything for me, and he can do it so much faster and better than I can do it. He can do more in an hour than I can do in a week, especially when it comes to yardwork, and even (sigh) housework. It was my lucky day when he came into my life. What would I ever do without him. I think I should listen more and talk less, especially to my best friend.

How did it happen? When did I become a control freak? Is there a CFA (Control Freaks Anon)? Sign me up.

Linda Garner

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Remember the Words of the Wise

Okay, I have a little something to tell you, but Shhhh….it’s a secret. Did you know that a lot of agents and editors are friends with each other? Not only that, but writers are friends with other writers? I know, weird.

I have probably already quoted this, but I’m going to quote it again. Josi Kilpack said something to the effect of, “Don’t go throwing the sand in the litter box, because the sandbox is small.”

The writing community is small. You shouldn’t be saying mean things about other writers, agents or editors. I don’t care if they have cooties or if so and so keeps bothering you with his weird turned up mustache. These are the things you need to keep to yourself (or your best friend over a tub of chocolate pistachio supreme – but that’s it!). It’s not something that should be gossiped over, discussed over the pulpit at church or even announced over the local high school intercom (plus they probably don’t even know what you are talking about).

Plus agents, editors and writers will find you are hard to work with and will not want to touch your MS with a ten foot pole (or even a snotty wadded up tissue…I’m just saying).

So remember, the next time you have a bee up your bonnet, ants crawling up your pants, or even birds sitting in the tree you just parked your car under. Do not - repeat - DO NOT open that mouth. Just keep it shut, because you never know where those words will end up at.

Just remember what Mom said, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” (Was that just my mom? Well, she is wise.)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Revising: Yuck! ...or maybe not.

Revising. Yuck! Everyone hates it, right?

Wrong. I have discovered, to my great surprise, that I love revising. It is so fun to take something ho-hum and make it better. A snip here, a tuck there. I love tightening things up. Getting rid of everything that doesn’t add to the story. More detail here, and more emotion there. The story is really taking shape. I love taking the bare bones and adding flesh. But let's not stop there. What about clothes?You don't want your story running around naked, do you?

Clothing your story, that can be lots of fun. Add colors and patterns to the mix. Description adds color. Dialogue adds depth and patterns. Details are the buttons and trim. I love how a special touch can make the story live and breathe.

My critique group gives me awesome feedback. With their help I can flesh the story out and make it more interesting and more real. I’ve heard lots of back talk about revising. I think I love it.

There was a time when my critique group was shy about giving feedback. We didn’t know each other all that well, and we weren’t sure where our boundaries lay. My new friends were too kind to tell me what they really thought, and so they tippy toed around the truth a little. We had been meeting together for more than a year when I realized they were not always honest with me. They were afraid of hurting my feelings.

I belong to a critique group for solid feedback. Honest feedback. Now I ask them to tell it like it is, and I love it. I would rather hear the truth from them than from a reader or an editor. And frankly, no editor is going to take that kind of time. And no reader is going to read far enough, if the book isn’t good.

Once I get the goods from my critique group, I can hardly wait to get to my computer and fix things that aren’t working. Of course they don’t have to be mean about it, and they aren’t. I value their opinions and I value their honesty. It goes without saying that I value their friendship.

Revising or refining? It’s all up to you.

Linda Garner