Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You CAN make a difference

Everyone wants to make a difference. When we hear about children who have been abused our hearts ache. “How did it happen?” we wonder. When it ends in tragedy we feel deep sorrow, and regret. Could something have been done? Can we do something to prevent child abuse? Can we make a difference?

Because I believe that we can stop this madness, I am involved in child abuse prevention. I invite you to join us in that effort. You can start by participating in the No More Secrets walk/run. You can sign up today. You can help us spread the word. You can encourage your friends and family to sign up.

Our contest for a $25.00 Barnes and Noble Gift Card is still open. You have until Friday at midnight to block, twitter, or facebook about the walk. Each of those earns you one chance to win. Respond to this post to tell me how many chances you have earned. I’ll throw in an extra chance to anyone who does a mass email about the walk. Send it out to everyone in your address book. If you get us a spot on the radio or in a newspaper, I’ll give you three chances to win.

I could use your help lining up entertainment. Some of the folks we expected to come through for entertainment haven't, and so I am scrambling to fill some time slots. After the walk we will have free food and entertainment, along with drawings for cool stuff. This is a family friendly walk, so we want family friendly stuff. Do you know any performers who would enjoy the chance to make a difference?

We also need sponsors of every kind. If you know of a business or an individual who would like to donate food, prizes for drawings, or money, let me know. Everyone who donates will get their name on our website and be recognized on the day of the walk. Anyone who donates $100 will also have their name on the back of the t-shirt. Good advertising. Sponsors for the t-shirts need to be in this week, so that we have time to print the shirts.

Do you have a service or a product that you could donate for our drawings? Do you have a business who could use this kind of advertising?

I would love for you to come participate in the walk on April 17. It's just $5.00 if you pre-register. At the walk it will be $10.00. You can pre-register any time before April 17. If you register by Friday, you get a free t-shirt. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Why not walk with us to prevent child abuse? Register at ahealingplacemonument.org.

Oh and by the way, did I mention…We’re gonna have a good time! Come join us. We’re gonna make a difference, and we're gonna have fun!

Our goal is No More Secrets, because Some Secrets Hurt.

Linda Garner


beth said...

I wish I could help, but I wish you success! That is a wonderful cause to support.

L.T. Elliot said...

I'm going to do my best to be there and help out! Thanks, Linda