Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When Did I Become a Control Freak?

I was walking with Friend-Husband last night and we were discussing the merits of a new mailbox. Friend-Husband favors moving the mailbox to a new location. I wasn’t so keen on the idea of moving it and voiced my thoughts.

“You never like my ideas,” said Friend-Husband.

I thought he was kidding, and I kidded back. Then I got serious. “Is that really what you think? That I don’t like your ideas?” I asked.

Friend-Husband hesitated before plunging into this discussion. “You always bring up the “but”. "But if we…" "But that would…" "But what about…" You always have a reason why my idea won’t work.”

I was stunned. Was this “me” he was talking about? When did I become a control freak? Do I think I am smarter than he is? Do I think I am smarter than anybody?

I quickly apologized and made a mental note to watch that. It’s a nasty habit of mine to always want the last word, and to expect everyone to do things my way.

Somewhere along the way, I got the idea that I was in charge of everything it the whole world. It’s a lot of work. Really. I think I’ll let Friend-Husband be in charge for a while. It would free up a lot of my time. Even if my ideas are the best (oops, I did it again), I need to back off and play nice.

Friend-Husband is awesome. He would do anything for me, and he can do it so much faster and better than I can do it. He can do more in an hour than I can do in a week, especially when it comes to yardwork, and even (sigh) housework. It was my lucky day when he came into my life. What would I ever do without him. I think I should listen more and talk less, especially to my best friend.

How did it happen? When did I become a control freak? Is there a CFA (Control Freaks Anon)? Sign me up.

Linda Garner


lotusgirl said...

Yeah. It's hard to learn that you're a control freak. It's also hard to let go. Good luck with that.

Carolyn V. said...

I agree with Lotusgirl. It is hard to let go. But you can do it Linda! Can't wait to see the new mailbox! =)

L.T. Elliot said...

Oh, I know I have control issues (which is Elana J's book title btw!) and I'm trying not to get the last word so much too. It's really hard. But you're right. Husbands do so much for us. I need to let him win once in a while. ;)