Thursday, December 10, 2009

Meme about Me

My awesome friend L.T. tagged me for meme! Thanks L.T. You can see her blog HERE. She is an amazing writer and a close friend. =)

Five North American Cities in Which I’d Seriously Consider Living:
1. A magical city where it is always the right temperature (except on Christmas - that's when it would snow, and then melt for the next day - And have just the right amount of rainy days so the air is clean and smells nice.) Besides that, I don't know.
2. Here, because I like here. It's a good place and all my stuff is here.
3. here
4. here
5. here

Five Songs to Which I know all the Words:
1. There she goes - The La's
2. A Million Ways - Ok Go (only because I sing this every time I go to the tooth man - sorry dentist guy).
3. Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson (Love him!)
4. Dashboard - Modest Mouse
5. Hot! Hot! Hot! - The Cure (don't ask me why, I just love that freaky song)

Five Foods I’d Hope to have in Unlimited Quantities on a Desert Island:
1. Cookies
2. Ice cream (I'd have to have it frozen, growing from the trees)
3. Chocolate (all shapes and sizes)
4. Cheesecake
5. Ok, I'd better have something good for me, toss in a green salad - with a cherry tomato on top. =)

Five Chores I Should be doing instead of Blogging:
1. Cleaning the front room
2. Cleaning toilet (gross!)
3. Tidying up Kitchen
4. Sorting coats (why do we have so many coats? What are we? The coat barn?)
5. Taking out the stinky garbage (I never knew old lettuce could smell so bad.)

Five Childhood Friends I’d like to See Again:
1. Carrie B.
2. Cindy (I see her on facebook once in a while, but still not enough)
3. Debbie (although I do see her once a year, I would like to see her more)
4. Wendy (from H.S.)
5. Heather

(Why do I always have such a hard time answering questions like that?)
Now I get to name 5 people I’d like to know the answers to these same questions! Um... I pick: Oh, I don't know, this is so hard! Okay....I pick... you all! I pick you all. There I did it. Now you have to let me know where you posted your answers so I can read it! SWEEEET!


Shannon O'Donnell said...

If you have to be stuck on a desert island, you might as well have the foods you love! Great choices. :)

Carolyn V. said...

I totally agree. =)

L.T. Elliot said...

Those are some GREAT songs. I especially love the one by the La's. =]

Linda Garner said...

As long as we're having ice cream growing from trees, could we have it sugar free and healthy, but delicious? Just hoping... love, LG

Nichole Giles said...

Cute! On a desert island, I'd also add snow crab because, well, it's GOOD! And I'm sure there's an abundance of it there anyway.