Thursday, February 18, 2010

LTUE Update (kind of)

Last week I spend all of Friday/Saturday at the LTUE conference. And can I say…Excellent!

I watched panels on A guy’s view of romance (which I was late to, but made it there for the end), Zombies (freaked me out a little, but shouldn’t zombies freak one out?) and blogging- the whys and hows (But look at me, I’m already blogging – so I feel pretty good about that one). Plus an excellent class on plot. I took tons of notes (plus it really helped with my WIP – Thanks DW).

I saw guy who can’t remember my name, very smart guy with firm handshake, girl with awesome hair, some guy with really white hair (a little scary really), guy who gave an excellent speech (keep making fun of guy who can’t remember my name), girl with awesome cast (I hope your ankle is doing better), guy who thinks I look like I came out of the cast of StarTrek (is that a good thing?), and many other authors*…Oh, plus they recorded two podcasts of Writing Excuses (check them out, very helpful). *Names have been changed to protect the innocent (but you can find them all here – sorry I have a headache and feeling a little ill today so I didn't get to far into the name writing, but you are all great, and you all know who you are :) ).

Besides the excellent classes, I think the best thing was connecting with the other writers. There is something special about writers. We are an odd bunch, but put us together, and we are home.

Thanks for the great weekend LTUE. See ya next year! Can you bring that excellent salad again next year? Alright! Thanks.


Shannon O'Donnell said...

By the time I was finished with the first paragraph, I knew this was one of your posts! Too funny! :-)

I think I have more jealousy about the LTUE conference than I did about SCBWI. I REALLY wish I could have been there.

L.T. Elliot said...

LTUE was a great time. DW's plot class was killer! (No pun intended. ;)

Anonymous said...

He can't remember my name either. Last time it was Jane. This time? Not EVEN that close.

Carrie Harris said...

Snarf. Sounds like you had a good time.

And zombies are awesomesauce! I'd go to a conference JUST to attend a session on zombies.