Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moody Weather

I love this weather.

It snowed this week and today the roads are covered in a soft mist, making the air feel like a mysterious movie.

I love it.

Weather can change a mood, give ambiance, or (as my daughter tells me) finally makes it finally feel like Christmas.

The same thing is true in writing. Have you ever about a funeral on a sunny day? Or a happy ending during a rain storm? It just doesn't work as well. Having the weather match a mood draws in a reader and gives them a sense of setting. Weird how it works that way.

So, note to self: next time you are writing a spooky scene, don't have it at a wedding. Weddings aren't very spooky. Well... mostly.

What is your favorite weather for setting? Sad/rainy, mad/windy, happy/sunny?

I'm going to go cozy up with my lappy and get some writing done. Woohoo! Have a great week everyone. (Only a few more days until Christmas. Can you believe it?)


Diane said...

I am a snow hater. I don't need the white stuff to feel in the Christmas spirit. My kids, on the other hand, can't wait! :O)

Elizabeth said...

We had the same sort of weather yesterday and this morning....sun came out later.

I like SUN...pretty snow, not deep snow is good. I have gotten stuck in too many snow storms this past winter to enjoy a LOT of snow. :)

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