Saturday, December 14, 2013

What Color is Your World?

“Grandma,” she said.  “Were you alive when color was invented?”

“Color?” I asked.  “Do you mean color TV?”

“No.  Not TV,” she said.  “I mean the world.  Was the world in black and white when you were a little girl?”
I stifled a giggle.  I could see where she was coming from.  The old movies and TV shows we sometimes watch are in black and white.  They are old and she knows it.  She doesn’t know that it was TV that changed.  She thinks the world changed.

I explained it all, but she looked skeptical.  I don’t think she believed me.

Imagine a world that was black and white.  Imagine the color washed away.  Imagine dull lifeless scenery with no green and no blue sky.  Imagine being surrounded in flat shades of gray.

I crave color.  I love bright clothes.  I want warm walls, delicious floors, and rich accents.  I want color.
Color makes me feel alive, refreshes me, and makes me smile.  It’s hard to pick a favorite.  There are so many colors to choose from.  I am partial to pastels, but I also love deep jewel tones, and classic colors.  I love them all. 

Yellow makes me happy.  I think it’s the happiest color, the color of sunshine.
Anything in the pink family (think mauve) makes me feel comfortable.  It’s such a cozy color.  It feels warm and sweet.

Blue helps me think, remember, choose.  It calms me.  It’s a bit reflective, pensive.  I like every shade of blue, but adore turquoise and aqua.

Is there anything more exciting that red, or fresher than green, or richer than gold?

We are considering new carpet for our living room.  It is worn in spots, particularly the stairs.  I adore the rich mauve that has greeted me each morning for more than twenty years.  Mauve is hard to come by, just now.  It is not in style.  Can I bear to say goodbye to fabulous and settle for neutral?  Can I live with ho hum?

Our couch is getting a facelift.  Our floors deserve one too, but it is hard to say goodbye to my old friend.  Will I miss her?  Probably.  Can I adjust?  Perhaps.
What color is your world?

Linda Garner




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