Thursday, February 20, 2014


Last week I introduced you to my baby book, Boys Don't Cry, Do They?  It was already uploaded to Kindle, but I needed to make some corrections.

Invisible on my work copy but very visible on the Kindle previewer were random lines.  Some pages were fine and others had distracting dark lines on them.  Most troublesome were the black horizontal ones, but there were blue ones as well, both horizontal and vertical.

I tried everything I could think of, but it's hard to erase invisible lines.  In the process, though, I discovered other errors.  And that is the interesting thing.  Mistakes can be wonderful opportunities to learn.

I have learned a lot from mistakes.  I had to get help with this one, and that is often the case.  For my book, I had to get help from my son who is a computer genius.  Luckily I have several computer geniuses who call me mom.

Some mistakes require heavenly help.  Instead of a computer genius, I need a genius of the heart--a doctor of the soul.  He is always there for me.  I appreciate Him more than I can say. He loves me no matter what and like my son, He erases black lines.  He is the ultimate eraser.

That is the good news.

In other good news: Boys Don't Cry, Do They? is live on kindle without black lines, and just in time for my birthday.  Click here to see it.

Although my book went live yesterday, I think I can say we share the same birthday.  We both have a lot to celebrate, including erasing.

Linda Garner

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