Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere

We went to the Theater last night.  No, not Hale Center.  No, not Pioneer Memorial either. 

We went to the theater housed in the auditorium/gym of our granddaughters’ elementary school.  They are fifth graders and yes, they are twins.  Their daring teacher helped them create a fabulous production of The Wizard of Oz.
I say “helped them create” because I think the kids had a hand in some of the decisions.  They made the sets and came up with a lot of the costumes and (I’m willing to bet) some  of the lines.  Fifth graders can be very creative and they have a strong sense of humor.
Though our two girls look nothing alike they played similar parts.  One was Miss Gulch and the other was the Wicked Witch of the West.  The teacher apologized to the family for demonizing the two girls, but we weren’t upset.  It was great fun.
The story was simplified but completely recognizable.   There were some fun surprises.  Like the flying monkeys.  Stuffed monkeys were launched across the stage, and the kids shouted ”Look!  It’s flying monkeys.
Another surprise was a character with a yellow cape and a yellow brick on his head.  He turned out to be the Yellow Brick Road.  Whenever anyone needed to “follow the Yellow Brick Road” he led them around the gym.
The Winkies usually chant something like “Oh-EE-OH,” but I could swear they were chanting “Oreos, Doritos.  Oreos. Doritos.”  Has a nice ring to it.
There was some action away from the stage, and the wicked witch interacted with the audience.  I think she was hoping to have a wicked conversation with her Dad, but  he had the good sense not to sit on the center aisle.
Miss Gulch was terrifying.  She wore Grandpa’s wicked witch shoes, which made her tower above Dorothy.  (Yes, they really were Grandpa’s wicked witch shoes.)
The Witch was just as scary in her green glory  (white shoe polish with green food coloring),  the  wicked green fingers and a wicked nose she borrowed from Grandpa.  (Yes, Grandpa.  You read it right.  That’s a story for another day.)  She was almost unrecognizable.
These girls warmed up for their acting career by doing Sunday night plays in our Living Room/Theater with their cousins.  I guess you could say we gave them their start.  
Ya gotta start somewhere.
Linda Garner


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