Sunday, October 16, 2016


Our hotel was next to the Sea of Galilee with a beautiful view both morning and night.  During the day we were able to travel to many spots with historical and scriptural significance.  The scriptural stories that I learned in my youth took on new significance as I stood on sacred ground near the spots where those stories took place.  I had a testimony before I went to Israel, but I am changed somehow.  I have a better understanding of the culture.  I have a better understanding of Jesus and His gospel.  I appreciate Him more.  I want to know Him better.

Our first stop was Mount Arbel where we had a gorgeous view of the Galilee.  The Galilee refers to the entire region surrounding the sea of Galilee.  

It was a bit of a hike.

Mount Arabel was historically a pretty bloody place.  There are caves in the cliff where more than once Jews hid themselves from conquering rulers.  It never ended well.  Most who sought refuge in the caves were brutally killed.  Other jumped from the mount to avoid becoming slaves.

Look at this stunning mosaic.  

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