Monday, March 20, 2017

Growing Up with Conference

I foolishly said yes to an invitation to participate in a blog tour for a new book.  

It was foolish, because Friend-husband and I are now serving a full-time mission for the LDS Church.  We are MLS missionaries, which stands for Member Leader Support.  It was crazy of me to say yes, knowing full well that I would not have time, but I was drooling over the book title and description.  

The book is called Growing Up With Conference and has lots of ideas for families to use to help kids enjoy conference. 

It sounded awesome to me and it probably sounds awesome to you.  Well now it’s time for me to write the blog and I haven’t even had time to open the book. My book is a digital copy, but I think it’s available in print form as well.

For the record we are enjoying our mission and have met some awesome people.  We are teaching some wonderful families, and someday we will probably want to share this book with them.  Meanwhile, if you could use some fun ideas to make General Conference fun and interesting for your kids, no matter what age they are…go buy this book.

Here is the description that grabbed me:

“This is an LDS-type book filled with practical ways to make General Conference FUN for families year-round. The toddlers, kids, and teens in our families have tried every idea, activity, lesson, recipe and craft. They have proven to be motivating, effective and well worth the time and effort! Our goal was to encourage our own kids to prepare for, listen to, and act upon the words spoken at General Conference... And then to share these ideas with others!

You can grab your copy here.

Conference is coming.  Conference is coming.  Conference is coming.

Linda Garner


Emilee said...

Thank you so much for showcasing our book. We really appreciate it. It isn't in print yet but will once we sell a certain amount of copies of the ebook. Thanks again.

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