Thursday, March 26, 2009

"The Evil League of Evil, is Watching so Beware"

Oh Joss Whedon, you funny, funny man!

On Saturday, L.T. and I had the opportunity to attend a writer’s forum put on by the League. Yes, we are a part of the League (of Utah Writers but if I call it the League, funny songs from Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog come to mind – please see title – which can be purchased on itunes).

Josi Kilpack ,Clint Johnson, and Walt Eddy were the speakers. Each brought a certain element to the forum and great expertise in the writing area.

After the forum, L.T. and I had the opportunity to meet with Clint Johnson, the author of The Green Dragon Codex, which comes out in June. Pre-orders are available through

Clint was kind enough to talk books with us, critique our work, and he helped me work on a synopsis. Thanks Clint, still workin’ on that thing – I’ve gotta get it turned in! Cha!

I must admit, Clint really knows his stuff. From plotting, to conflict, to word usage, he has done his homework. He has won many an award for his short stories and still is a very nice guy. If you go to his website (listed above), you can find events where he is guest speaking. I recommend it.

I also recommend (if you are a writer) joining a writing league (an Evil League not so much, but it would sound so cool to say, "Yeah, I belong to LEW. The League of Evil Writers." And you could pronounce Evil like Eval...even better).

"Bad Horse, Bad Horse, Bad Horse, He's Bad "

And by the way…L.T. thanks for the gazabes of gum and mints. My breath was stinking pretty bad! She is a lifesaver!

If you've been following my blog, I will post a very "heart-warming" (please use after-school special voice) post tomorrow, or the next week. And really, not so heart warming as heart stopping, chest thumping scary... or maybe not. I can't decide.


LexiconLuvr said...

You're funny. And your breath totally did NOT stink. =P

Looking forward to your heart-warming/stopping post. How would one pull that off? (If anyone can, it'll be you.)

Scarlet Knight said...


A heart-warming/stopping post is tricky. We'll see if it comes to pass.

Scarlet Knight said...

Okay, that was supposed to come out as (Valley girl from the 80s voice)... Whatevea' girlfiend, whatevea...I smelled my breath and my nose just about died. lol

But it came out sounding like. (mean neighbor down the street voice) Whatever...jerk *head toss*.

So just to clarify, I didn't mean it like that at all.I meant it as the lol comment (Scarlet, you evil post-er!)

Heidi Ashworth said...

I love Dr. Horrible. And Joss Whedon. And Doogie Howser now that he is all grown up.

Scarlet Knight said...

Me too.

Joss Whedon is a genius. And probably rolling in money. I may have to ask him for a loan.