Tuesday, May 18, 2010


As a rule, I thrive on change, but not everyone does. Change can be hard. Some changes are particularly difficult.

A friend of mine is losing her father. That's a painful experience, no matter what the circumstances. Having lost both of my parents, I feel her pain. For my friend, Tristi, I'd like to share a poem I wrote when friend-husband's mother was dying. I hope you enjoy it, too.


A wind of change blew past today.
Dark clouds of change billowed my way.
It’s raining change all over town.
It’s turning my world up-side down.

Change is in the atmosphere.
It whispers in each sound I hear.
It’s over and under and all about.
It’s turning my world inside out.

Change is bouncing through the air.
It’s near and far and everywhere.
Change is tearing my world apart.
Maybe change will heal my heart.

There are many painful situations in our lives and in our world. Change can be devastating, but not all change is bad. Some change is needed. Change can be healing. We can be a catalyst for change. As I read the recent news about child abuse and a life that was lost, I want change.

If you want change, help us build A Healing Place. Educating our community and promoting healing is what A Healing Place is all about. You can make a difference. You can do it today. Read about A Healing Place on last week's post called Name That Park. (You can still enter.) You can find out more at www.ahealingplacemonument.org. Then be sure to tell your friends.

Too many children have died and too many children have been hurt. I want change, for the children. I want change to heal my heart.

Linda Garner


Carolyn V. said...

Change is good (most of the time). What a sweet poem for your friend, I hope she will feel peace through this difficult time.

L.T. Elliot said...

I love that poem. I hope for healing for your friend and for so many. Change can be a beautiful thing.