Thursday, May 13, 2010

Will Someone Please Make that Squeaky Thing Stop!?!

I think I’m sick.

It started when I noticed I was grumpy. Not that I’m grumpy all the time, but when the pet mouse starts annoying me with his cute little squeaking and wiggly nose thing – I know there is something wrong.

That’s when the headache started and my eyes started to burn.

I’m just tired from being stressed out over nosey mouse running on his circley runner thingy in his cage.

But then my stomach turned.

It’s the chocolate. I need more of it.

So I ate it. Lots of it.

It didn’t help.

It just gave me a toothache (had a re-root canal last week – it’s still healing).

So I decided to take some pain killers to help with the headache/chocolate induced re-root canalled toothache.

Which helped a little, but caused my stomach to twist and turn even more.

So I drank some pop, because I heard it was supposed to calm the tummy.

I just made me burpy (which what kind of funny when I answered the phone with a belchy hello. Hee hee, sorry person who called. Hee hee.) Okay, that didn’t really happen, but my daughter and I were cracking up about it anyway.

That’s when I decided it was a good day to unplug and get some rest (plus watch a few episodes of Castle and pig out on healthy stuff).

And that is why this post is so lame today. Please excuse the mess.


Jen said...

Haha lame? I loved it!!! What a great way to say you're just not feeling it!

Have a wonderful day unplugged! I myself have been thinking about it lately! Castle sounds like a good show I need to catch up on it!

Candyland said...

Aww. Feel better:(
(giner ale helps the tum tum)

Anonymous said...

Some day we just get tapped out and need to re-fill. If that includes chocolate and pop, so be it! Have a great un-plugged, re-fueling day!

Shari said...

Get better soon!

L.T. Elliot said...

Sorry you're feeling yucky. I hope you're back to your normal perky self asap!

Zoe C. Courtman said...

Definitely unplug and rest (so's you won't, yanno, throttle the mouse :D) Hope you feel better!!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Oh, how I love you! As soon as I saw the title, I knew this post had to be one of yours. I'm still chuckling! LOL! :-)

MissV said...

Hope you feel better!

When I was growing up the only time Mom gave me pop was when I had the flu, then it was Squirt or 7up. To this day they make me feel woozie if I drink them. (Blurp).