Thursday, June 10, 2010

Prepare, Prepare and Repeat.

Hi guys! So, I just got back from a fun (busy) day with my kids and realized it was my day to post. So...I'm reposting a post from last year when me and my critique buddies went to WIFYR (because we are going again next Monday! Woo hoo! And someone forgot to I must prepare myself of an awesome week of writing.) Here is my advice on what you should pack and new notes (in blue) for what is happening this year)! Have a great week everyone. =)

Today, an abundance of people (including myself) shall be at our first writer’s conference of the year (actually my second this year).

Am I excited?
Oh, so much!

I have been packing my backpack for weeks ('s one day) with the essential must haves:

-M&Ms (because I have a noisy stomach and really, no one wants to be startled by that thing!) (still very true, but I need to pack more than one bag, because I ate those things in one day...maybe I'll bring those new pretzel M&Ms. They are so good.)

-Pencils (even a pen, because I have broken a pencil a time or two and writing with plain wood just doesn’t work well. I did try to chew off the wood, but I had wood shavings stuck in my teeth for a week!)

-Paper (To write on… and make spit wads to launch at people who are making me jealous). (j/k I would never do that, and that incident in New York last year - Not me.) (I've still never been to New York, so you can't blame me. Although, I'd love to visit the Big Apple...I'll leave my spit wads home.)

-Tissue (For crying into because I’m still revising my book and want to show it off). (LOL! I'm revising a different book. How funny! Will I ever be done?)

-Crackers (Please see MnM’s above).

-Notebook (At the conference last year I brought home piles and piles of notes! I expect the same today). (Still the same. Love those notes!)

-Deodorant (this one is pretty self explanatory).

-Couple of chocolate bars (because chocolate is the magical food made by tiny magical creatures from a magical land *sigh * and it’s so, so good!)

-A little extra coinage (for silly things like, food, bottled water, gas – stuff like that).

-Antacid (There is a funny story behind this, I promise, but just not enough time to disclose. So sorry, and if you’ve heard the story * head hung low * you have my deepest sympathies). (I totally forgot about that story! It was so funny! I can't stop laughing...remind me to fill you in later.)

So there you have it! My list of stuff that I am at this very moment (next week) dragging through the halls with other devoted writers, breathing in the fumes of excitement and hope. If you see me, feel free to ask for a handful of M&M’s, hopefully I haven’t eaten them all yet (yeah, I did...sorry about that), but it is very possible that I still have a few good sheets of paper left for spit wads.


Angie said...

Hope you have a fabulous time!

Rachel said...

lol love it :) And, I've been trying to figure out how to email you but IT'S NOT WORKING :) I can't do it through your blog for some reason... :) Any ideas??? Have fun!!

Vicki Rocho said...

Have a great time. Looking forward to your debriefing afterward!

I haven't been to NYC either...though I'm going in 112 days...but who's counting?

Amber Lynae said...

I had never heard of WIFYR before. I just looked it up. It looks like a lot of fun.

L.T. Elliot said...

I'm looking forward to next week. We'll all have a good time (when don't we when we all get together?) and learn wonderful new things!

Mary Campbell said...

Thanks for all the advice. You listed things I'd never thought of. Yay it's coming soon.