Monday, June 4, 2012


I have had a couple of fast-paced weeks. Between critique groups and book signings, I've hardly had a chance to catch my breath. The laundry is behind and our meals have been less than stellar! My humming birds ran out of juice twice! (They're little lunch-mouths) The upside to all this is the wonderful friendships I've made with my writing. When my critique group slaps me up side of my head and tells me something doesn't make sense, I love it. We laugh over some silly phrase. (This week it was praying to the phone.) I do NOT know how I did that. But it's fixed because of their generous donation of time to my manuscript. I met friends and new acquaintances at the book signing at Union Station in Ogden last night. The event was a book launch for "Tales from Two-Bit Street and Beyond." (I have a ghost story in it.) I saw old friends I haven't seen for a year, and we picked up as if we'd never been apart. I made new relationships that will flower and blossom. What a privilege it is to connect with others. It makes our worlds go around. I send a hug to all of you who take time to read my ramblings. Off to another book signing to meet new people and create new friendships. Life is great. Isn't it! Love, Christy

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