Thursday, June 7, 2012

We've Been Waiting for so Long

It finally happened. It’s summer!

We’ve been counting down the days. Watching the calendar for the morning when we could actually sleep in on a weekday (well…when the kids could sleep in). 

We have plans. Swimming, hiking, fun classes, picnics. Yes, we are planning it all. 

Not my pool, but kind of wish it was (Thanks PhotoBucket)
Last year, we didn’t plan. I kept myself locked up inside a dark room, polishing up my final product while finishing up my college classes. 

I was miserable and it showed up in my writing. *shaking fist at dark room*

I read an article about a writer who took seven years to publish her first book. When asked why it took so long, she said this was the first book she actually had passion for - and it came out in her writing.

That’s why things are changing this year. I’m making room for my writing and my other plans. I won’t kept myself locked inside the dungeon. I’m making a break for it. 

And I can’t wait. (I hope it shows up for the best in my writing!)

What about you? Have you ever found yourself without passion for the writing? Did you over tax your time and the creativity flew away? How did you change it?


Elliot Grace said... the pic, Carolyn ;)

And yes, I dare not tell a lie...not so much a writer's block, (a theory I'm not sure I buy into,) but a degree of frustration, a lack of sensitivity, thus creating a story that only a mother could love.

I take a week off. Read a book. Enjoy an evening or two on the back patio. Relax. Eventually the muse will peak out from behind the curtains...and off we go!


Writer Pat Newcombe said...

It's good to take time out anyway - makes you a better writer who can see more than the page in front of you!

Christy Monson said...

I'm such an odd person. Sometimes I want to do other things before writing each day, but my gut won't let me. I have this raw ache inside until I write. Then it goes away and I can do other things.

I think that's weird, don't you? Anyway, I guess I am just weird.