Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just a Stage I'm Going Through

Friend-husband and I love a night out at the theater.  Hale Center Theater is our favorite treat. We have never been disappointed.  Hale Center has a magical stage, and they combine it with amazing talent for memorable performances.  We never tire of it.

I once had the opportunity to tour that amazing Theater with a high school group.  We learned some of the secrets of the magical stage, and saw the underbelly of the theater.  We saw rehearsal halls, the costume store, and the green room.  Our hostess also engaged us in some theater exercises.

What I remember most from that visit was a comment made by our hostess, who also directs.  She posed a question.  “If I can choose from a very talented actor who is moody or difficult to work with or a less-talented actor who is agreeable and pleasant to work with, who do you think I would choose?”

Interesting question, don’t you think.

If you guessed talent, think again.  When casting a part, our hostess said,"congeniality wins over talent every time.  I can teach talent.  It is difficult to teach good manners.”

What a powerful thought. 

It’s no fun to work with someone who is controlling, abusive, pouty, or unreliable, no matter how talented they are.  I’ve experienced it.  You have too.  Once burned, we are sometimes more cautious about getting involved with someone who is difficult to work with. 

That’s a valuable lesson.  An even more valuable lesson is…Don’t be that person.  Don’t be the person who is difficult to work with. 

If you think your way is the only way, think again.  Are you a person who is fun to work with?  Would someone go out of their way to spend time with you?

I want to be fun to work with.  I try not to pout when I don’t get my way. I rarely throw temper tantrums   I’m not usually moody or manipulative, except on bad days.   On bad days,  I think it’s...

just a stage I’m going through.
Linda Garner



Angie said...

I try to be easy to work with. Life is so much more pleasant for everyone that way!

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Linda
Oh, you're so right about this. My 5 year old grandson throws a fit whenever he doesn't get his way. So sad when an adult does the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I don't argue unless someone's in danger but I'm a notorious eye-roller who has learned to keep a running commentary with the passengers so they'll laugh instead of getting stressed out.