Monday, September 24, 2012

Perspective on Life

We just got home last night from Portland, Oregon. We have two families living in that area, and it's wonderful to be with the grandchildren. We don't live close to our kids so our contact is through phone calls, letters and the internet.

We went to a Saturday morning volleyball game to watch our granddaughter play, and then hurried over to a soccer game for another grandchild. What a fun morning it was!

Saturday night our daughter was in charge of a daddy-daughter party where young girls and their fathers came for a special date. They learned a Jewish dance, the Mexican Hat dance, and the Virginia Reel. It was so much fun for everyone. The last activity the girls broke several pinatas. I think the dad's had as much fun as the girls.

On the way home, I reflected on the lives our children and grandchildren are leading. The two families living there are very different. Their talents and abilities are not the same. But they are good people, making good choices in the way they raise their children--with the same basic values. What a great blessing that is in our lives. There is nothing better.


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