Tuesday, March 12, 2013

If the Shoe Fits

I have a love/hate relationship with shoes. 

If I had my druthers, I would rather be barefoot.  This works well around the house, but not so much outside.  I don’t mind running around the house in my stocking feet, but again it doesn’t work so well when I’m going places.

I am very picky about my shoes.  Comfort is my number one priority.  Keeping those ten little piggies happy is a big job.  When I buy shoes, I test them out in the store.  I walk around for a long time, making absolutely sure that they are going to work.  My sole is at stake, here, and I take that very seriously.  I’m never callous about shoes, and I’m determined not to be a heel.

The second thing on my shoe-do list is they can’t be ugly.  They can be a little on the plain side, but ugliness cannot be tolerated.    This lets a lot of comfortable shoes out.

Price is always a factor, but it comes in dead last after comfort and looks.  No matter how good a deal the shoes are, if I can’t enjoy the way they look and feel, it is no deal at all.  My favorite shoes are usually the ones that cost me more than I really want to pay, but I’m worth it.  My feet agree.

I gave up most heels long ago in favor of comfort, but I’m not wild about flats, so I try for something in between.   The shoe has to be lightweight.  Most shoes weigh me down, and I hate that.  It wears me out.  I want shoes that are as light as air.

Not long ago while shopping in my favorite thrift store, I found two pair of shoes that were just my size.  They were adorable and they were cheap.  I walked around the store for about an hour and decided that they would work, even though the heels were a bit higher than I usually wear.

The brown pair had a bow and they went perfectly with several of my outfits.  I wore them to church and three different people asked me where I got them.  They were so impressed when I told them how clever I was.  I haven’t worn them since.  They didn’t pass the comfort test.  They felt fine in the store.  What was I thinking?

The black pair is almost as cute and is decorated with buttons and stitching.  They aren’t quite as high and I love how they look, but really, I can’t wait to get them off after Church. 

I gave the brown ones to my daughter.   She loves them.   I’m still wearing the black ones—for now.  Was Cinderella this picky? 

If the shoe fits…

Linda Garner

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