Monday, May 13, 2013


I have just been listening to Lucy Maude Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables books on CD.
Why do we like them so much? Why were the videos so popular? When you read the books, the descriptions are way too wordy. She jumps fro person to person and doesn't keep a single perspective. Sometimes the author doesn't have the main character solve the problem. Someone else swoops in to save the day. The plots of each book are rather rambling. So what is there about those books that we love?

I think it's Montgomery's ability to create memorable, believable characters. We fall in love with each one of them--even if they're not major. She has a talent and gift for doing this. Reread the books and see what you think. Here are a few things she does to enhance her people.

1. She gives them a singular figure of speech that they repeat.
2. She has some people that are very talkative, and others that are shy.
3. She gives them particular thoughts, unique to themselves.
4. She makes them down to earth. They are not perfect. Everyone of them has flaws.
5. She is descriptive of their person and clothing.
6. Some of them have particular actions peculiar just to them.

Read the books for yourself and see what you think.

Happy reading, Christy

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