Monday, July 1, 2013

Final Manuscript Edits

The past two weeks have been crazy for me. My mom has  been ill, and I've had to do the final edits on  my Becoming Free manuscript. I've had a wonderful editor that went through the entire manuscript, helping me revise and tighten and cut--all those good things.

It was a great experience, but I found myself being kind of anal about it. When she would send me a section to rewrite, I had to do it right away. I couldn't let myself rest until I had it completed. What was that all about? I felt rather compulsive.

I guess you are never really through finding out new things about yourself, and consequently, growing and changing for the better.

I've always tried to please others. I like to make sure everyone is happy. So here I was killing myself when my mom was sick to get all this work done ahead of schedule. Maybe it was the pressure of my mom's  illness. Maybe it was a need to please. And maybe it was just a love of writing--wanting to get it right and having a good time doing it. I don't know. Shall I go for a combination of all three?

I'd love you to critique my ideas. Tell me your thoughts.

You can read the book September 1st when it comes out. Maybe it will  give you some insight into my weird personality.

Thanks for listening, Christy

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