Monday, June 24, 2013

Your Query Letter

I just had a good friend get a critique of her query letter by an editor who said she looked for three main points in the letters she received. were three main points made by this 
The query should answer three things:
1. Who's story it is.
2. What they want.
3. What's stopping them from getting it.

So I'm going to go back and look at my query letters and ask myself these questions.
Have a really written about the protagonist. Sometimes I get caught up in letting the antagonist take over. Sometimes they are interesting enough and powerful enough to do it.

Do I state what the protagonist really wants. What is his or her quest? Even in my picture books I don't know that I have done this as clearly as I could.

Now I can say what's keeping my hero from getting what he or she wants. Now's the time to let the antagonist have a little glory in the sun. (Not that much,but a little.)

I know  summer is  a busy time, but take a few minutes and see how your letters stack up. I'm going to.

Happy writing.

PS Sorry I've been kind of out of commission. My mom has stage 4 bladder cancer, and we thought we would lose her the last few weeks, but she has rallied and will be with us a little longer. What a blessing for all of us.

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