Monday, June 17, 2013

Reading Rocks!!

Summer is a great time for reading.  It's a perfect time to branch out.  Parents and Grandparents can take advantage of relaxed schedules and encourage the reading bug to bite.  It's a nice time for reading together, trips to the library, and family read- a-thons. 

Here's a fun series for the chapter book set.  Heroes of the Highest Order by R.K. Hinrichsen.  This is an easy read, perfect for developing readers.  The vocabulary is not taxing and the story involves magic and mystery, with enough twists and turns to keep the pages turning.  If your chapter book readers love adventure and super powers, they'll enjoy this series.

Book 1 is called The Hidden Kingdom, followed by The Prisoner of the Shadows,  and The Mouth of the Dragon.  You can buy all three in paperback or kindle edition right here.

Reading Rocks.  Especially in summer.

Linda Garner

R.K Hinrichsen has been writing for children for several years. She enjoys history, fantasy and exotic locations. But most of all, she loves to learn about real life heroes.

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