Saturday, October 26, 2013

Answers for Hard Questions

Why do some kids have a hard time learning?  Why are some kids fidgety?  Why is focusing difficult for some? 

Why is reading challenging for some kids and not for others?  Why do some kids dislike reading, even if they are good at it?  Why is it that some kids don't do well in traditional school settings?

Hard questions.

My friend, Pat Rosenbury, works with kids who have learning challenges.  She calls her work brain-linking.  She teaches kids to balance and track while they're playing games.  She teaches sequencing.  She helps them focus.   She makes a difference.

Balance is incredibly important when it comes to learning.  So are tracking and focus. 

A lot of smart kids have trouble in school.  When things are harder than they should be kids feel like failures.  They don't think they are smart.  It can be discouraging.  Pat helps them turn on the connections in their brains.

Pat did a family activity for my piano families this week.  It was informative and helpful.  I had several aha moments, and I think my piano parents did too.  I decided to spread the word.

If you know someone who struggles, you might want to talk to Pat.  Check out her bio below. You can call her at (801) I'M SMART.  She'd love to chat with you.

Tell her Linda sent you.

Linda Garner

Pat Rosenbury received a bachelor's degree From BYU in education, drama, and mathematics.  She received her master's degree in the Reading and Writing project from the University of California at Berkely. 

She taught 18 years in elementary, junior high, and high school, in Texas, Utah, Japan, India , the Phillipines, and inner-city Atlanta Georgia. 

Pat specialized in identifying and developing individual learning abilities and difficulties.  She has assisted hundreds of clients ranging in age from 4 -87.   Her unique system has helped countless people of all ages achieve their dreams.

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