Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Asleep in the Jungle...not

It's delightful when an author and an artist meet, and they click.  I recently met a talented author by the name of Sally Neilson.  She has agreed to illustrate my book,  Asleep in the Jungle...not.  We are having so much fun.  She gets my story and she is making it so fun.

Here is a little bit about Sally.

It seems I was fated to be an artist. Both parents are artists, it's something I've always had an interest in and something I pursued seriously over the last 10 years participating in over 30 art shows and creating over 300 art pieces. I also gather inspiration from my other interests in life: having been a cliff diver, currently a trapeze artist, and also an actor. I even went as far as receiving a BA in Theatre at the University of Utah. My deeper passion, however, always comes back to my painting.

My artistic style morphs and evolves naturally, as I do. My love of colors is the one constant and the colors I use are as bright and vivid as I like life to be.

I’m a natural entertainer and storyteller, so it is a joy in my life to tie my art to an intriguing and imaginative story such as this one.

And here are two of the illlustrations from Asleep in the Jungle...not

I love the vivid illustrations and the quirky characters.  We'll keep you posted on our progress.

Linda Garner

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