Sunday, November 24, 2013

More than Sisters

Inseparable as children

We shared everything.

Not just parents.


We didn’t look alike.

We didn't have

the same ideas.


We whispered secrets,

 giggled, told stories,

 and talked in the dark.


Separated by school,

We made our own friends

and chose our own paths.


Things change.

We grew up together,



Distance separates us.

Our lives are full.

We stay connected.


Sometimes we can

slow down time.

And find space for each other.


We choose to

be together

in spite of distance.


We whisper secrets,

giggle, share stories,

and talk in the dark.


It ends too soon.

There is never

enough time.


We treasure

each other.

We are connected.


We are more

than sisters.

We are friends.

Linda Garner



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