Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sweet Connections

I found a treasure today.  It wasn’t lost or hidden.  It was carefully shelved for another day.  I found it while looking for something else.  It slipped from its spot into my hands, as though someone had placed it there.  I was delighted to see it again.  It was an old friend, a message from someone special.

The message was never meant for me, but it was given to me, though not by her.  I treasure it. 

She’s gone now, that sweet cousin of mine, but her words remain. Her poetry, her voice, her thoughts live on.  She recorded joy and pain with pen and paper.  She filled white pages with meaning.  In the day of typewriters her fingers tapped the words that spoke of loneliness and connections. 
I feel I know her better now than I ever did when she was here.  It would be lovely to have her drop by and visit with me.  Instead I’ll listen to her whisper from the pages that she kept.

Her words are beautiful.  She had a gift.  I wonder if her daughters have her words.  I don’t even know their names, but I’d love to share.  Until I find a way, I’ll share with you.  Enjoy.

Embrace your sweet connections.

Linda Garner

I Had Forgotten
by Renee Bosch

Dear Father,
I had forgotten

the beauty and wonder of your love.
I had forgotten
the sweet fragrance of your flowers.
I had forgotten
the gentle warmth of your spring rains.
I had forgotten
the flittering colors of your butterflies and birds.
I had forgotten
the wonder of your sun on my face after a long winter.
I had forgotten
the sweet mystery of the life you gave me.
And then, dear Lord,
You let me see these things
Through the eyes of my children,
And I remembered.

Thank You, Lord,
for your loving kindness,
And for not forgetting me.

(italics added)

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