Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Best Foot Forward

I walked through my dining room this morning tidying up and found four pair of shoes, all mine. That piqued my curiosity so I checked the family room, one room to the east.  One pair of shoes, also mine.  I think checked the living room, one room to the west.  Another pair of shoes.  You guessed it, mine again.

Six pair of shoes, all belonging to me, not where they belonged.  What is it with me and shoes?

I have a love/hate relationship with shoes.  I really don't like them on my feet.  They are the last thing to go on when I leave the house, and the first thing to come off when I come home.  I take them off wherever I happen to be, and I leave them right where they land.

Now you know. 

In my defense I can only say that Cinderella also dropped her slipper, and right in the middle of the stairs.  Not very safe.  It was glass, you know.

That's the hate part, the need to take my shoes off as soon as I come in the front door.  The love part is (drum roll, please)  I really like cute shoes.  I want comfort.  No, it's more than want.  I need comfort.  I must have comfort.  However, comfort is not enough.  I also need cute. 

It's embarrassing to say it out loud.  So I'll whisper it.  Cute.  I need cute.  cute. cute. cute. So embarrassing.

I am not giving up comfort, and I have to have cute.  So there you have it.

But maybe, I'll think about putting my shoes away once in a while.  They are not that cute decorating my floor.


Best Foot Forward.

Linda Garner


I just found a nearly identical post that I wrote a couple of years ago.  Isn't that crazy.  Oh dear, I'm starting to repeat myself.  I hope it's not terminal.

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