Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Must Write

Must Write.

I have a new project.  I'm excited.  My motivation is high.  I can't stop thinking about it.  I've been waking up way too early and hovering over my computer. 

I haven't been waking up early on purpose.  It just happens.  I figure I'm awake, I may as well write

This is fun, but I think I'm running on adrenalin.   How long can I go on 5 hours of sleep each night?  How long before I crash. 

Must Write.

Seriously, I need a lot of sleep, but the last few days, I've only had about 5 hours.  I'm really tired at night, but what's new about that.  I can only make it to 9:00 or so, but that's pretty normal for me.  This morning I forced myself to go back to sleep, because I didn't know if I could last another day.

Must Sleep.

My house is looking a little neglected today.  Dishes in the sink.  Cluttered kitchen table.  Grungy bathrooms.  When was the last time I made my bed? 

Must Clean.

What to do? 

I'm not the kind of girl who does desert first, but writing is more than desert to me.  It feeds me.  Will my husband divorce me, if I ignore the mess?  No, but he might not like it that much.  He likes me, though, and he wants me to be happy.  Writing makes me happy.  Cleaning I can live without.

If I clean first, I'll never get to the writing.  If I write first, I'll never get to the cleaning.

What to do?

Must Think.

I'm thinking compromise.  One hour of writing.  One hour of cleaning.  One hour of writing.  One hour of cleaning.  Maybe I can do this.  Somehow I've got to fit a shower in.

Must Write.

Linda Garner

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Elliot Grace said...'s an ongoing struggle that I face every day, finding the time.

Good luck on the compromise, hoping it pays off ;)