Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Green Eggs and Ham

Today was the day we planned to start excavating for our new swimming pool.  The weather’s a little nasty, so I think we’ll wait a few days.  Imagine how nice it will be to have our own swimming pool.  I can swim anytime I want.  Of course, in the winter I’ll still have to go to the gym.

Our ducks are inconsistent in their laying habits.  We rarely get three, but often one, and sometimes two.  They are hard to find.  The ducks like to hide them.  They are usually green, but today we found an orange one.  I guess the ducks are getting ready for Easter.

We love eating the duck eggs for breakfast.  They are delicious and healthy.  They are larger than chicken eggs, so we usually eat just one each.  The orange one was huge, so we shared it.   We scrambled it and ate all we wanted.  There was a lot left over.
My phone has been ringing all morning long.  I have had calls from two agents and three publishers who all want to get their hands on my latest book.  I guess I’ll have to flip a coin.

I got up this morning at 3:00 and cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, then I wrote five chapters in my latest novel, and sent off three queries.  Next I ran three miles and lifted weights for an hour.  I think I’ll go swimming next. 

I read today that they’ve found a cure for cancer, and they’re narrowing in on a cure for diabetes.  A pill has just been developed that makes you smarter.  And there’s a new wrinkle cream that erases wrinkles on contact.  A special fork has been developed that allows you to eat anything you want without gaining a pound. 

We found an M&M plant in our garden yesterday.  The M&Ms aren't ripe yet.  I am surprised at how well it's doing because its in the shade of our Money Tree.  We'll invite you over to help harvest the M&Ms as soon as the get ripe. 
Oops!  I just found out that the fork thing is a hoax.  The inventor said it was just a joke—an April Fool’s Joke.

Happy April Fools Day!

Linda Garner

P.S.   By the way, the duck eggs really are green, and we do eat them for breakfast.  Takes Green Eggs and Ham to a whole new level.  Inside, they look just like regular eggs.  They taste the same too.




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