Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Recital

Earlier this week, on my way to a meeting, I stopped at the dollar store to buy candy bars for the piano recital which would take place later that day in my home.
I honor each student at my spring recital and reward them with their favorite candy bar.  I ask the parents to tell me 3 things their student has accomplished during the past year or 3 things they love about their student. 
I have them stand up front while I talk about them.  I tell what I love about them and also share what the parents have written and give them their favorite candy bar.
I never thought about how warm it was in my car, and I left my candy bars in the car during the meeting. Afterward I drove to the grocery store to finish buying candy, since everything wasn't available at the dollar store.  I also bought a gallon of milk to go with the cookies that would be served at the recital.
When I returned to my car, I noticed the heat, and checked the candy bars I had bought earlier.  They were getting squishy, so I jumped in my car and hurried home.  It's just around the corner. 
As I turned into my neighborhood I heard a siren, and sure enough a policeman was following me. Could I have been speeding?  Did I run a red light?  I was in a hurry after all, but I didn't think I had done anything wrong.
Turns out I had left my side door open and the milk had jumped ship.  He thought I'd like to know.  Did he pick up the milk for me.  No.  It might broken.
I went back for the milk, melting candy bars on the back burner temporarily.  Sure enough it had broken and was leaking, but salvageable.  I carried the damaged goods home, repackaged the milk, and placed it in my fridge next to the squishy candy bars. 
It made a great story for my recital but the fun didn't end there.  Two of the candy bars turned up missing.  This was not discovered until presentation time near the end of the recital.  I'm guessing they ran off with the milk, missed the rescue party, and they are now a gooey mess somewhere on the road.
Next year I think I'll give everyone Symphony Bars. It's nobody's favorite, but I can get them all at one store and avoid a gooey mess.  Who could not like a Symphony Bar? Delicious, and it has a nice ring to it.
Linda Garner

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