Saturday, September 20, 2014

If We All Work Together

This is my neighbor Reza.  He died last night.  He has been in a coma for just over a week after choking on some food.  Reza is my friend.  He came to America hoping for freedom and found that life can be harsh.

He wanted to buy a home and because he had no credit a friend offered his credit.  Reza put $10,000 down and faithfully made payments for 15 years. His friend fell on hard times and borrowed money against the house and also took out bankruptcy.

Reza has been making payments but the payments have not always been passed along to the bank.  Not lately.  Not for a while.  Reza and his sweet Mehri were not notified in a timely manner, because the house is not in their name.

Mehri has trouble of her own.  She has lost her husband.  She will probably lose her home.  She may lose her voice.  Her vocal chord and her windpipe were damaged in surgery more than a year ago.  She is on oxygen and has trouble breathing.  She needs corrective surgery.  She is afraid.

These dear people need our help. Reza is gone and Mehri is a widow.  Now she must pay for a funeral.

You can help. You can make a donation at Mountain America Credit Union.  The account number is 9919851. You can make a donation over the phone at 801-572-5401.  They will waive the processing fee if you ask. You can also donate in person at any Mountain America.

Give what you can.  Every donation makes a difference.  If we all work together...

Linda Garner

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