Monday, September 29, 2014

Permission Granted

Why do girls sometimes have trouble understanding their worth?  Why do girls sometimes attach their worth to their physical appearance?  Why do girls worry about being fat?  Why do girls sometimes hide their smartness?

How many girls struggle with eating disorders?  How many girls think they are not good enough?  How many girls would like to be invisible?  How many girls have been hurt by those who should have protected them? How many girls feel unsafe, unprotected, unloved, or uncherished?

How deep are the scars of abuse?  How long does healing take? Can there be healing without safety?

How can we empower girls to be who they were meant to be?  How can we empower girls to take control of their own bodies?  How can we teach healthy self image?  How can we model it?

How can we learn to accept ourselves and others.  How can we help each other to feel comfortable in our own skin?

On October 18, Brandilyn and I will join Haley Hatch Freeman and Lori Nawyn in a celebration of self-worth as they launch their new book From Head to Tummy at the American Fork Library.  We will be signing Some Secrets Hurt and they will be signing From Head to Tummy. Join us from
3:30 to 5:30.  You will be able to buy books there.  There will be treats, door prizes, and other fun stuff.

Isn't it about time that we gave our girls permission to be themselves.

Linda Garner

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