Monday, November 3, 2014

The Cute Shoes

I wore the cute shoes yesterday.  The ones that hurt my feet.  I don’t wear them often.  I really like them though.

In the store I wore them for a really long time to make sure they would be okay.  Now they mostly sit in my closet. 

In the store, they felt fine. “These aren’t really heels,” I told myself.  They don’t count at all.”  In the store, I loved them.

The cute shoes are the only heels I own, because of an agreement I made with my feet.

When I wear the cute shoes, my toes sometimes cramp.  I really like them though.

When I wear the cute shoes, my arches hurt.  

Have you noticed that hardly anyone wears nylons anymore?  I still wear nylons mostly, but I forgot to buy some last week.  My other dressy shoes look weird without nylons.  They feel weird too.
The cute shoes look fine without nylons.  They feel fine without nylons, if you don’t count the toes and the arches.

I wore them on Friday and my toes were okay.  I didn’t have them on very long.
I forgot again about the nylons and I wore them again on Saturday.  I wore them for a very long time.  I wore them to a funeral and then a little later to a piano recital.  My toes didn’t cramp and my arches didn’t ache.

“Hmm…” I thought.

I really like them, and I forgot all about the nylons.

Yesterday I wore them to Church.  Our Church lasts three hours, but most of it is sitting.  My toes didn’t cramp and my arches didn’t ache, but a funny thing happened to my hip.

My hip does not like the cute shoes.  I had been at Church for about 15 minutes when my hip sent me a memo about the cute shoes.  Three hours is a long time even when you are sitting for most of it
I hope my hip forgives me.  She’s not very happy with me right now.  I’m walking kind of funny, and I’m not even wearing shoes.  I hope she forgives me soon.  Who knew that cute shoes could be so much trouble?

I really like them, though.

Linda Garner

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