Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Lost

Do you lose things?  Keys?  Shoes?  Papers?  Reading glasses?

I’ve lost them all.  More than once.  Dozens of times.

Lately, I have developed losing things into an art form.  Not that I’m proud of it.  It’s embarrassing. 

You are probably organized.  You probably don’t understand what I’m talking about.  You have probably never lost your purse.  You have probably never lost your shoes.  You have probably never misplaced your cell phone.  Maybe you are left brained.

I am right brained.  I envy left brained people, sort of.  I say sort of, because I love being right brained.  I just hate losing things.   It’s inconvenient, and downright annoying.

Fortunately I never lost any of the children, at least not permanently, and I have never misplaced my house.
I have fixed some of my problems with losing things by having a particular place where I always put those easily lost things.  It works really well, mostly.

I have been missing my car keys for 2 weeks and I have looked everywhere.  That cute little hook thing that keeps them attached to my purse works every time, except for when I don’t take my purse with me.

I know exactly where my purse is and all my shoes except that one pair.  I have lost only one sock from each pair. I tend to lose them on the couch when Friend-husband gives me foot rubs.  Oh well, it’s only socks, and I adore foot rubs.

On Tuesday I lost a little pile of checks that were ready to be deposited.   I wonder if someone sneaked into my house and put them in their pocket.   Not likely.  Where could they be?  

I hope there are a couple of angels with time on their hands today.  I hope they will come to my house  and help me find The Lost.

Linda Garner

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