Monday, December 19, 2016

Reflections on Christmas: Shepherds

Oh how I wanted to see the Shepherd's Fields.

 The idea of shepherds has so much significance to me. I am touched by the thought that humble shepherds were the first to hear that Jesus had been born.  It delights me to know that God loves ordinary people doing ordinary work.  I am one of those ordinary people, and I love knowing that I matter to him.

Despite this symbolism, I believe that these shepherds were far from ordinary, for they tended temple sheep.  These sheep were sacrificial lambs who would be used in temple sacrifice, just as Jesus was the sacrificial lamb who would sacrifice His life for the sins of His people.

The symbolism is flawless.  Jesus is the Lamb of God and the Good Shepherd.  The angels sent these humble shepherds to worship the Lamb of God.  Perhaps they brought a lamb or two as a gift for the new born shepherd-king.

As it turns out the Shepherds Fields are now covered with houses in modern Bethlehem.  We happened to see a shepherd in Jerusalem near the Mount of Olives.

We were never close to any shepherds in Israel. It is my hope to draw ever closer to the one true shepherd of my heart--Jesus the Christ.

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