Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Gift of Reading

A few years ago when we became greatly outnumbered by our grandchildren, we started to wonder how we could afford to give something special to each of those kids at Christmas. We have 19 grandchildren with one on the way, and we have 2 kids that haven’t even started having children yet.

Giving books was a great answer for us. There are wonderful books for every age and interest and the price tag is quite affordable. We have such fun choosing books for the children and we can start the process early in the year and have things ready early. We love fostering an interest in reading. The gift of reading will last a lifetime.

To make this even more fun, we delay the opening of the books until after Christmas. We have a special gathering a few days after Christmas. We share some fun food, and then pass out the presents, one at a time, youngest to oldest. Everyone watches with anticipation as each child unwraps their book. We all ooh and ah. Then follows a magic night of reading. Kids read to grandparents. Parents read to children. Children read to each other. Everyone shares in the magic. Instead of getting lost among the piles of presents on Christmas morning, the books are the center of attention, and so are the people we love most.

Share some magic with those you love this Christmas. Give the gift of books. Give the gift of reading. Give the gift of time. It’s magic.


LexiconLuvr said...

I'm down with giving books in more ways than you can imagine!!!
The gift of reading was a treasure my father gave to me and one I'll love forever. I love that you do that tradition with your kids and grandkids. Mind if I pay you the sincerest form of flattery and imitate you? Because that's a Christmas tradition that DESERVES to be copied!

Linda Garner said...

I'd love it! You rock!