Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let the Healing Begin

I received an early Christmas Gift last week. Brandilyn and I are delighted to announce that our book, Some Secrets Hurt, will be published next year. I cannot stop smiling. I can hardly think of anything else. I invite you to share our joy.

Our book will be published by Shadow Mountain. We anticipate an August release.

Brandilyn and I had a most delightful visit with Chris Schoebinger and Gail Halladay. Chris is the Children’s Book Director and Gail is the Marketing Director. They were completely gracious, and ever so kind and complimentary. They made us feel very special and important.

The most important news is that they love our book. They are excited about marketing it and they feel it will make a difference. That is exactly what we hope for. We have a sense of purpose as we reach out to protect and inform children. Our message will strengthen and empower children and parents.

We are astounded at the growing number of wounded children, who often become wounded adults. Our message to them is one of hope. We ache for them, and we send them our encouragement and love. We hope that our book will strengthen them as they move out of the shadows.

Let the healing begin.

Linda Garner


Scarlet Knight said...

Whoo hoo! I can't tell you how excited I am for you! This is so fantastic! For those of you out there, I have read the book (privileges of critique groupie) and have never found its equal in this area. I believe it was an inspired book. It is so well written and I've already talked Linda and Brandilyn into signing my copy of the book for me. hee hee hee. Congratulations!!!! =)

LexiconLuvr said...

My most heartfelt congratulations to the both of you. Your book is truly written with love, hope, and understanding. I wept when first I heard it and I delight in knowing that others will be changed forever by its message.
Bravo. You both deserve so much for this; both in happiness and success.
Merry Merry Christmas!
L.T. Elliot

Linda Garner said...

Thanks, Scarlet and Lexi, for your encouragement and for your kind comments. You are awsome friends. I love sharing my world with you. Love, LG