Friday, December 26, 2008

Things I Have Learned in 2008

2008 has been a good year for me. As I’ve looked back, I am impressed at the changes that have happened in my life. Some good, some bad, but all worthwhile. Since 2009 is coming, with a nice clean slate, I thought I’d share with you some of the things that I have learned this year.

First, don’t cook marshmallows in the microwave. Some of you may be saying, “Duh!” But you see, for Thanksgiving this year, I was in charge of the yams (the delicious kind with a bag of brown sugar poured in, topped with a dozen or two marshmallows). Since I was running late, I put them in the microwave. My microwave is still sticky. Need I say more?

Second, get a critique group! I am in three groups right now, and I love all three. I cannot tell you how helpful it is to have someone look at my work and say, “did you really write this,” or “this is totally working for you.” I have made lasting friendships from these groups, not to mention I have learned that it is impossible to mount a horse backwards without your knowledge (there is a horse's head in the way, silly). If you don’t have a critique group…GET ONE!

Third, teenagers can be more fun then adults let on. I have a teenager right now, and can I say -wow- what an amazing child. And you should hear the comments I get from my teenager’s friends when I start singing in the van during carpool. Priceless!

Fourth, go to as many writer’s conferences that you can (or can afford). I have met agents, publishers, and actual published authors. I have worked with award winning writers that have taught me more than I would have if I had not gone before. Some even know my name – hee hee hee. They know my name. *sigh* If you attend certain conferences, the agents who also attend will take time to read (yes read) your ms. Sweet!

Fifth, I’m never going to loose those last five pounds. So I’ve decided that this year, I will loose one pound and smile at my treadmill as I enjoy my pound of fudge. Okay, I won’t go that far, but come on people, I’ve gotta keep it real!

Sixth, join a local writer’s group. I didn’t think I would enjoy this as much as I have, but I joined a state writer’s league which meets once a month. Wow, those are some knowledgeable people. I’ve learned how to get my name out there, how to start a blog, and I have even met publishers that attend the groups. Pretty awesome.

So as you can see, 2008 was a worthwhile year for me. I can’t wait to see what 2009 has in store for me. I hope it comes with a totally fit body and a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream. *fingers crossed, fingers crossed*

Happy New Year’s everybody! =)


LexiconLuvr said...

Glad to see you learned a lot but don't underestimate how much you've taught also. I've learned so much from you this year and I can't tell you how grateful I am.
Best of luck with the new year!
(And can I share that fudge?!)

L.T. Elliot

Scarlet Knight said...

You know I will, but that means I'll have to buy a two pounder. Oh the humanity!

Nichole Giles said...

Scarlet, I'm glad to see you've grown so much this year, and plan to continue growing in the upcoming one. Writing can be a soul enlightening thing, can't it?

I'm glad to have met you at one of those conferences, and hope to see you at lots more in the future!


Scarlet Knight said...

Hey Nicole! Thanks, its so true about the writing thing. I have learned so much.
I can't wait to see you at a few of the conferences! This year is going to be a golden one! =)

Linda Garner said...

Let's never stop learning. There are so many wonderful opportunities to grow. This is a great season for growing. Love, LG