Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Autumn

Don't you love autumn? I love it all. I love the gorgeous colors, the fall scents, the sound of whispering leaves, and the hint of change that's everywhere. Today, I'd love to share an autumn poem with you. I hope you enjoy it.

Song of Autumn

I love a touch of autumn and the crispness in the air,
when winter’s icy fingers leave a message here and there.
The emerald days of summer begin to melt away,
and nature’s finest paintbrush is invited for the day.
Rich color spills across the earth and sings a song of change,
while summer takes a final bow and dances off the stage.
Soft color enters shyly and just winks to us at first,
then gathers courage, begins to sings, and finally just bursts.
At touch of gold, a hint of rust, a smattering of yellow,
a bit of pink, a dab of red, and just a smidge of purple.
All those color voices make a chorus for our eyes
with melody and harmony completing the surprise.
An autumn wind hums softly. There is music in the breeze.
There is singing, and there’s dancing, and there’s magic in the trees.
The color song crescendos, and the autumn dance begins,
and the forest ladies shimmer in the music of the wind.
Their leafy bodies tremble to the rhythm of the day,
as they curtsy in full color, and they pirouette and sway.
Oh, I love the dance of autumn and the music for my eyes,
the symphony of color under smoky autumn skies.
I am dazzled by the yellows and the crimsons and the browns,
when all the forest ladies put on their dancing gowns.

Happy Autumn!
Linda Garner

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L.T. Elliot said...

Autumn is my husband's favorite time of year.

Beautiful poem, Linda.

Carolyn V. said...

Love Autumn! Love it Love it Love it!

You are a great poet. =)