Thursday, September 3, 2009

Need Thou not be Afraid

I have a strange fondness for Napoleon Dynamite.

Maybe it reminds me of how awkward I was in high school, or perhaps it has something to do with Deb’s puffy sleeves. (I have a picture of me in high school with some wicked puffy sleeves on my prom dress…and the hair-wall…Bodacious!)

And who can forget the touching moment when Nacho Libre looks at Chancho with feeling and says, “Chancho, when you are a man…sometimes you wear stretchy pants…in your room…It is for fun.”

Jared & Jerusha Hess have done it again.

Gentlemen Broncos is coming to a theater near you (October 2009).

The first time I watched this hilarious preview, milk spewed out from my nose. It was that good. Take a look.

Being a writer and attending many conferences, I couldn’t help but fall down in laughter when Jemaine Clement, who plays Ronald Chevalier, quotes the line that I’m sure will be quoted for many years to come:

“I assuming you love to write fantasy fiction, except the character names in your stories are suffering. Need thou not be afraid. We can add –onius, -ainus, or…-anous, to just about anything and it becomes magical.”

I wish I would have had this information before writing that YA fantasy fiction. I could have changed my character names to Deronius and Kathainus.

Maybe I can just change my name to Carolonius. It sounds so magical.


Jill Ann said...

You are so funny it hurts!

L.T. Elliot said...

I've been wasting so much time coming up with names all on my own...

Annette Lyon said...

I about fell out of my chair laughing the first time I saw that. Brilliant writers!

Linda Garner said...

Carolonius? What a great idea. I love it. LG

Nichole Giles said...

Too funny, Carolyn! He he. And yes, Carolynonius works.


Carolyn V. said...

Thanks Jill Ann! Tell my kids. They keep telling me my jokes are lame.

L.T. I totally agree. I mean, who knew you could just add those on? Genius.

Annette, They are so clever. If only I could be young and clever too. Well, at least young, I'll take young. (please see above children who say I'm much too old for goofy jokes. I'll prove them wrong one day. Even if I'm in my eighties).

Linda, It is a great idea isn't it. Carolonius the great writer of YA funniness. It just makes me want to cry thinking about it *wiping away a tear*

See, Nichole agrees too. Sweet!

Terresa said...

Love it! Great stuff.

I wore a puffy sleeved shirt to church this morning and my husband called me "Deb." Thank you, N. Dynamite, I've never viewed my wardrobe quite the same since.

Jena said...

Too Funny!