Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Enjoy the View

We're getting new windows. It's exciting. They started the work yesterday. The look is nice, but I especially love the view. Everything looks crisper...clearer. I have a new outlook. A new perspective.

It reminds me of point of view in writing. Point of vew is the unmistakeable privilege of getting inside a character's head and taking a snapshot of his or her thoughts.

This rarely happens in TV or movies. It is a writer's best friend. I think of it as my secret weapon.

Good writing usually has just one point of view. Some writers use more, but it's hard to pull off. You need more than a point and click camera for this.

When point of view is muddy the writing is not clear. Clean up the point of view and the writing becomes sharper. The story comes into focus. It's like getting new windows. Everything clears up.

Point and click. Enjoy the view.

Now if only these new windows would wash themselves.

Linda Garner

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Carolyn V said...

Great analogy Linda! I hope you are enjoying those new windows. =)