Monday, June 13, 2011

More Social Networking and Marketing

I went to a workshop on Friday at Cedar Fort Publishing. I learned a lot more about social networking. Nate Moller from Moller Marketing conducted the workshop. We learned how to find the best ‘add words’ on google. We learned the difference between ‘buyer phrases’ and ‘browser phrases.’ If you want to sell your book, browser phrases won’t cut it. We learned about “allintitle” add words, and the list goes on and on. Check Nate out. I'm sure he's willing to come do workshops, and I know he does onlinewebinars. His presentation was great!

I thought I was pretty good at facebook, but I’m not. Creating a fan page was lots of fun. Have you ever done that? It’s not hard. I have to go back and look at my notes and practice all this. But, you know, I was really overwhelmed by it all at first, but I’m getting better at it. Maybe by “baby-stepping” along, I’ll get there. Find me on my facebook fan page. I’d love to have you join. Ask me questions in a couple of days—after I’ve put my notes into practice. If I know the answer, I’ll help you any way I can.

Join me also on Goodreads. Now there’s a site that I love. That is one of the most fun things I’ve done in a long time. What a great way to connect with others. I adore reading anyway, and I’m glad to connect with friends who do also. I love their suggestions and am finding lots of new books to read.

Twitter is still not my strong suit, but I’m learning. I know what a “hash tag” is now, and maybe I know how to use one. Follow me, and I’ll follow you back.
Social networking is a new life that I’m sandwiching in with my other lives. It’s getting to be a lot of fun!! Happy networking.
Christy Monson


Linda Garner said...

Will you teach me, Christy? LG

Christy Monson said...

I'd love to. Christy