Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cleaning it Up

My crit buddy and I were talking the other day about cleaning.  Lately, I can't just clean, I have to deep clean everything (I know what you're thinking...I've seen your needs a deep clean. So true).

I haven't really deep cleaned since starting school. So I'm spending each week deep cleaning a different area of my house. Last week was the hall, this week the kitchen (I've already found a weird looking spider and something brown growing under my oven.)

I have a deep cleaning scheduled for my ms in two weeks (and I'm a little bit afraid).

But if there's something I've learned is that every first draft is a mess (like under my sink mess). And that's okay. You have to clean and polish until your manuscript is squeaky clean (because who wants a blob of mess on the bookstore shelf with your name on it? Scary).

So if you've finished a first draft, get in there and clean that baby up!  Now I have to get back to that weird bottle of lime-green stuff at the back of the cupboard. I hope it's not living.

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What's your advice for first draft mess?


Elliot Grace said...

...the unenviable task of cleaning things up, and how well it's performed, is a line that separates the average writer from the beloved storyteller.

...but oh my, the time involved...ugh!

My advice, take plenty of breaks. A week here, a week there, returning each time with a clear head and an inspired muse. That can make all the difference.

Good luck ;)


Linda Garner said...

My advice: Trim the fat. Don't get so attached to your words that you can't let go of them.

Shorter paragraphs and shorter chapters are a great idea. More enjoyable for the reader.